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Friday, October 7, 2011

Autism and Other psychiatric Diagnoses As Cover Ups For RA and Mind Control

Trying to hide mind control, human experimentation and RA under the guise of Autism is only going to last so long. I personally know of a man, now living as a woman...a lesbian, who knows she is a RA survivor, that her mother did this to her. She actively practices the Left Hand path, with a measure of dimplomacy and gentleness. Yet herself and her girlfriend will constantly fall back on psychiatric jargon and diagnosis in order to explain her behavior and personality. Her girlfriend is from this younger generation who have been conditioned to use psych jargon as a means of expressing what were once private personality traits. "I am acting really bi-polar" or "She has that Ashbergers that makes her detach and act selfishly and ignore people".

This is the mental health fields way of getting out of the rep of the 90s Satanic Panic...which it never would have ended up that way if therapists would have kept it on the down low.

If anything, Survivors are MADE Autistic y organized stalking, harassment, chemical warfare ad torture with tech-all that gang stalking encompasses. Many people werent like that before or might have had such symptoms before breaking programming.

I especially love the donation given to such causes by individuals who activelu do harm to Targeted Survivors by helping gang stalking campaigns.

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Snobert said...

How do you know which donor is a Perp and which is not?