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Friday, October 7, 2011

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Anonymous said...

Golly, maybe I am simply blowing off some needed steam with listening to Heep... all fucking goddamn day, from the time I left work into the late evening, assholes and perps were really drilling into my skull.

But listening to Sweet Loraine by Heep, wonder about this?

0:29-0:39 "she understands she's there before/it's in her hands to find the door".

Hmmm... sounds like it could be a cleverly worded lyrics to mean a multitude of this. So what does she understand, and why is it important to point out that she's been there before? And finding the door? Maybe this could be a song about messing with a young female's compartmentalized programming? That could be "the door" they are talking about. I mean, if they had written a song about banging a groupie, they of course, it would not be important to mention she's been there before, because for those types, they do it so often, her act of sex would be too automatic and not worth mentioning in the lyrics.

I think Heep could have been writing about the more insidious side of the sex industry, who knows? I imagine groups like Heep could have known about this dark industry, because maybe they were doing favors for someone to make it big, and knew about this?

Or maybe I'm just too into this song. Who knows.