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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Piece Of Literotica -Example Of A Predator's Lifestyle..Doubtful Its Just Fantasy

It is however, relevant to my work and the subject of 'gang stalking' as well as the related subject of cults as well as mind control.

The following link is a story of supposed fiction I found. Sometimes for research I stumble upon such things and sometimes in my search for erotica I find an extreme link through a search engine and it turns out much more useful for research on gs, mind control etc than for my personal tastes.
What is compelling is how many stories there are that describe such things as mind control, human experimentation, and like this link, the sickest situations possible but pose them as fantasy.
Many TIs know that mind control, MILABs, cults, human experimentation and the cruelty human beings are capable of (especially those with means or protection from being caught) are capable of is NOT fantasy, but all to real. Our society choses to insulate the public from such realities, leaving them to remain the stuff of movies or myth that average people can only guess about how such things really work.

This story may seem like just some fantasy but with the progress in technologies as well as the gap between average people and the ultra rich, youd better understand that such predators do exist.

Interesting how there is always a war on drugs, allowing the public to understand how the system works and how its participants can hide and function, especially in poor countries where they may seek refuge, but the same criminal actions of slave trade or other human rights atrocities for profit only make it to the fringes -or the imagination of the public.
Never showing how it works, where it happens..or any other real life indication that it exists at all.

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