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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Interrogation Begins Right Off The Ride Into Town

well just arrived at a destination, stuck in area on edge of gang stalking very hot zone. Already a Mex out of work sat down and asked where i am from, where am i going, how long am i going to be here. told him nothing and bullshit. i listened for a few minutes to see if he was indeed interrogating and my judgement is that he was not just engaging in pleasant conversation.

i then ignored him, made a call and went about my business. he got up and left and of course was then talking to a guy who was hanging around the same gas statin supposedly looking for work.

i just dont tolerate it anymore.

Its interesting rhat the Target is made out to be such a horrible person who deservrs to be gang stalked and destroyed, and yet, the qualities of politeness and civility and being trusting of people is what the gs system relies on to keep control over said Target.


  1. I always wondered why they needed human interrogators like this. They have all the toys and surveillance they need to figure out where the target is going. I suppose the tech isn't 100% reliable. My theory is that the tech is used mainly for psy-ops purposes, for gathering info for the psy-ops portion of the campaign.

    Also, the target has his or her qualities downgraded, and we are supposed to be nice through all of this, and not retaliate. All the while, we are being harassed, and we are supposed to stand down and let them do it to us. I find if I don't obey these rules, I get more harassment to force me to obey, that is, to stand down and let them harass me and do whatever, along with the remote electronic harassment.


    Along with Weekley, Allison Howard, a photographer and field producer for the A&E documentary series, The First 48, which was shadowing the Detroit SWAT team that night, was charged with perjury on Tuesday following an investigative subpoena. Howard, who had control over video footage that became evidence, allegedly lied at an investigative subpoena hearing.

    "Because of the perjury committed by (Howard), vast resources were utilized by law enforcement to undo the lies," said assistant Wayne County prosecutor Robert Moran. "Prosecutors had to spend exorbitant resources. It added a seven-month delay to the proceedings because of her perjury."

    Some of us already knew that, that shows like COPS aren't dedicated to serving and protecting the citizens. Rather, they are there for entertainment and to present a good story to viewers. And you could argue that such 'entertainment' also serves to promote the agenda. There is a certain degree of dishonesty in such programs, that they pick out suspects that make the officers look like saints, and also edit the shows to the same effect. And this time, that shot that was fired that killed the little girl was caught by the film crew, so Weekly can't back down and say someone grabbed his gun and made it 'accidentally' fire. We all know certain cops like to fire guns just to kill people, not to serve and protect.

  3. I had a Latin King interrogate me in a similar manner, but yours sounds more intense.