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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

mind control through technology, validating Target's experiences

All you need to know is that the factions that make such technologies have an mode of operating where they only admit partially what they are working on or they admit only to progress that is years behind the level of progress they are at on classified levels. I read this somewhere and it makes sense. For security reasons to avoid competition such as foreign nations or other corporations or labs etc it would work to be able to focus on the work.
If you add that into the info that you are given like the articles on feeds like WIRED on this blog etc pertaining to the progress that is being admitted to it would then at least show could assume then that TI's stories are plausible. 
Especially the more sinister idea that due to the break in truth of information, in this chasm they are conducting human experimentation.

It definetly shows that these factions are going in the direction of what TI's claim is already possible.

I did not want to believe in the tech either. Partially out of denial of my situation and also due to the fact that I did not understand how this part of the targeting worked. After living it and doing research over the years..well its like where is the best place to learn a language? To live it everyday among the people who speak it.  Live it.  So the text book material made more sense as I had first hand experience.

As the years go on it will come out hopefully and laws will be made...again hopefully.  This is what heroes do. This is the job of the freedom fighter. Its not noble, its not godly, its not rebellious.   It is simply standing up to someone or something that insists on taking too much that you feel is yours. Let the rest of the world think what they please.
We are not dealing with land disputes here or shared resources. Like man usually has wars over.

This is about the corruption of the mind  body and spirit you were born with...that under any circumstances should be yours. Even if you lay dying on the battlefield in ancient times or tomorrow, your mind and experience should be your own. Every man has a right to die make good with himself as he passes.
As every man has a right to live under his own Will and in ownership of his own inner worlds even if outside an oppressor asks of him his body or his other possessions.

Have we come to a time when it is such a threat that a person sit with his own thoughts or musings? Perhaps that is only TI's due to what those ideas may consist of or what that information may be.

These activities have become absolutely ridiculous and have gone over the the level of a bunch of teenagers playing with toys.  Especially when one of those toys is a woman it seems. 

I have also heard that the USA is embarrassed  by TI accounts if they are credible. Good. Not my style and it was never by intention but at this point if it works..however there are many factions that will go along with what they are doing as there is so much money involved it is obscene. They may look down upon thier allies in this but I doubt if it will stop it. 

I cannot say if we, as TI's, are treated more humanely in the USA than other parts of the 'western' world/first world countries.  I have no data that is verifiable. 
We are treated better than overtly abused political prisoners and others in third world countries..but then it becomes all relative.
If I were simply targeted this way with this standard of living in China, it may not be so bad. However, it is a bit difficult owning one pair of jeans and shoes with holes in them sleeping on floors at 38 years old, watching beauty fade and potential disappear in a culture where one knows one could have not only had a good standard of living like their countrymen, but also made a difference for those that did not. 

And in such a technologically advanced country it is absurd to not even entertain the theories that such experimentation could be occurring. 


Anonymous said...

One thing I wanted to address was the notion that "it could be worse". I sometimes fall prey to that idea myself. I sometimes just accept what the perps give me, "settling" with them, because I realize my situation could be make much much worse by my complaining.

I can log on to a BBC web site, which is in the UK, and see clear evidence that I am being psy-opped there as strongly as in the States, which tells me there is some global overseer of my gangstalker, and that Mark Rich must be correct.

Here is the article:

Notice the one guy with his head down, and all others have their heads perfectly vertical? That guy with his head down is my look-alike. Also disturbing is the caption:

"Keeping its head down:", there again, showing their brazenness, referring to me as an "it". Somebody needs to take these people on, no matter how powerful, and take them out entirely. They are so extremely cocky in the way they harass me like this, just flaunting the harassment in my face like a good old fashioned flogging to a disobedient slave.

Anonymous said...

So I wonder how the targeting is able to cross international borders so easily? Like why am I being psy-oped as efficiently in the UK as I am in the States?

Anonymous said...

I guess the BBC is very powerful and corrupt as well, and of course, is interested in taking on harassment of targets as well.