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Thursday, May 14, 2009

More ideations about sex, submission to feminine ideal, marriage, becoming one man woman...until I started research again and posted this.

Whoever is doing this..they just don't give up do they? Too many idiots watch Sex.. the City, don't get it (cuz they aren't Gen X women) and then somehow have decided that part of making the country strong is to get away from this kind of female independence. That Gen X women seem lost and confused..well its our perogative and also the women in these sorts of situations are growing and finding themselves. We dont need guidance from the Christian right, or any one else like say how military men think about women. (totally sexist).

I would not doubt that there is a program of targeting women to make a strong aggressive woman or multiple women docile. That is what seems to be happening and let me tell you why it seems feasible..
I have heard from very sexist men who have slipped here and there as I have traveled and investigated, that there is a general consensus among certain men who are very into this sort of thing that women need thier "wings clipped" and that they have too much freedom. That it is the reason the American family has broken apart and the reason that there are so many men on the street without mates.. or on the street in general.

So not only are certain people being targeted for specific reasons (like me being a victim witness they want silenced) but for more broader women are needed to keep all those men off the street etc.

I have had experiences with perps especially in the mid west who hate working girls or other warrior women. The women will actually state that its a woman's job to keep men in line and be their conscience.

This would be a gross misuse of these technologies...for moralists, reformists etc to use remote influence technologies to convince someone that they need to change who they are for whatever ideology this group subscribes to.

Why do you think I dont blame just one group? It is then very hard, always to know who is doing this. This is either sexist males like Masons or the military or the Christian right/military or something I had not thought of or simply a group who wishes to find new ways to keep people could be a number of groups. (You know I do my homework and I have a background in occult/esoteric research..when I mention Masons I do it responsibly so dont even try to call it conspiracy. They have always been male based and one of their older rules for initiation was to agree not to be present at the initiation ceremony of a fool, and old man, or a woman. Go ahead, look it up. I can post the youtube vid if you like. I feel the only reason they have recently gotten women visible is so that the mass cant come to thier doors knocking and accusing them of not including women. But these are women who are of a certain kind.)

I am in the southwest and its Christian and overly masculine...I like men, its just that they need to stay on thier side of the fence when it comes to me running my affairs...unless I need protection or ask for assistance. I am realistic about the limitations of this body's strength.
There are women you can dominate and women you cant. Any male over a certain age knows that and the ones who dont fail or get into trouble. Obviously Someone is trying to get around this pure FACT OF NATURE.
Destroy the women who have warrior in thier nature (unless they work for the system I guess). By the way I should have been a councilor and an artist by now...seems pretty civil to me. YOU and YOUR SYSTEM forced me into this position so stop m*%therf*#$cking crying about it and trying to neutralize the monster YOU created.
One thing this system needs to learn is that you cant alter the very nature of things with technology and psychological warfare.

Did you ever get over your chest hair and penis and think 'gee, maybe women like her exist for a reason..childless, at war, manless, warriorlike, aggressive, assertive. Maybe in the big scheme of things, she is necessary to some balance in Nature or on Earth and she is simply doing her job'-well DUH. But this whole system doesn't respect Nature's design (Masons shame on you..YOU should know better..if you are involved that is in any of this nonsense).It seems to want to play god completely and re design/alter everything to its own liking.

A total falsified environment.

I guess if you are looking towards the future and the whole world is technologically influenced or created like real objects replaced with holograms (a person claiming to be a Harvard professor told me that..he also made you sit and listen to him read the most boring poetry ever in a sloppy accent.).. then Nature's designs are obsolete. In your mind, its all up to you to design this new world, and anyone who sticks to Nature's design is not going to survive or be phased out.

I know this remote influence bullsh*t cuz I am a vet by now.  All it is is trauma based mind control packaged up neat so no one sees and its quick and easy.
So of course there was sexual stimulation, along with a reminding me of all the trauma I have encountered (so dont try to fight or put forth your own Will) and then the ideation that ' wouldnt life be nicer and easier if you gave in to a husband? That you are learning the sexual thrill of  (the concept of)having only one man sexually and that kind of submission is sexually exciting. That the system is taking away all those abusive memories of your former lifestyle and you are going to be a whole new person.' Fixed. (like a clean slate). That this kind of submission is the 'ultimate thrill'. So you see how its really about temptation and reward. You are altering the subjects reward system..Pavlovian I would say. Classical conditioning.

Of course all this is a culmination of:
1) lowering my intelligence and dumbing me down through brain damage via stress, chemicals, isolation from other human beings(love, care, touch, socialization, mental stimulation)
2)abuse- a constant state of fear/terror/doom
3) sexual stimulation as well as humiliation and degradation

It is one of the things that is so primitive and so rewarding you cannot resist its influence. And Stockholm syndrome will start making all this look very attractive compared to the lack of or void in comparison.


AJH said...

It is the worst kind of torture, the obsessive ideations that can only come from remotely applied technology. None of us high harassment level TI's are relationship ready, and we forget about all that kind of thought meme because we have substantially greater issues we face; like survival, every waking minute. For the most part they haven't treated me to the relationship ideation theme, and I am glad for that. In your case I hope they get over it soon as it totally spurious to the TI condition.

Anonymous said...

I've long suspected Masons. I've posted my story before about this. I figured that's why my perps have been so damned consistent. Either millions of people are leeches and are in serious need of a life and/or reality check or there is some powerful organization behind this. Some organization wants us gone, and they are not going to stop until they achieve that objective. And this organization is never wrong; they are always right. WE are the ones who err, and it is so nice of them to let us know like every millisecond of the day.

It'd be nice if one of these perps doing all the dispatching will show his face. I've been daring these people since 2006, and I keep getting even more harassment so I don't figure out who it is.

These people have no life. Get a life, and stop being parasites, perps. Cause you know, I sure as hell am not going to let up any time soon.

Would you believe I have assholes mirroring me at tiworld?

Rachael O. said...

The thing about it AJH is that its not obsessive, if that were the case it would probably be the doing of ones own mind.
No, this is hypnosis and suggestion just like the documented technology is shown to be capable of doing. Brain mapping, the voice of god tech..its all there for anyone to look up. And this has all the trappings of a long term behavior modification process based on classical conditioning..not just obsessive compulsiveness. I do not obsess over things like this. These are ideations connected to sexual stimulation and like some of the dreams TI's get one can tell its fake and not of ones own mind. Its coersion..its not something I would obsess over at all. This has been an ongoing thing and its part of the full gang stalking program. Now that I have been terrorized and weakened the point now is to get me placed/shelved so that all the people who screwed me dont have to worry about it anymore. This all is the same as the things said to me by perps in the physical realm.." they are mad at you becuz you are not accepting your situation" or "you should live quietly now that those people are not bothering you much anymore" or some such sentiment that basically says 'the system beat you down so why dont you realize this is the way it is'.

When your own mother, after years of abuse and deception gets you in a car alone, and turns to you and says " You know when I was dealing with the syndacate, I always took the harassment to mean 'know you place bitch'" and this is after she agreed with me that it was due to the federal investigation but before she got desperate and tried to corner me again alone and ask me if perhaps I had a 'mild case of what Danny has'..ok bitch which is it? A fed investigation, organized crime or me being nuts? You have screwed yourself by changing the story around and in typical fashion you want to use strong arm tactics..which never work on me. My grandmother was the true manipulator in that family..real central control that one. Diplomatic and everything...manipulative deceptive and you wouldnt even know it. My mother us more like her father and not my grandmother is the problem and like Ed thinks she can just take what she wants from people...He never took anything from me and she isnt going to either and neither is any of the people doing this. AS a perp said to me about all this: You lie once you have to tell another lie and another.. that is what we are dealing with.