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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Abusive comments on blogs

There are a few idtiots who write in here and I can tell one of them does it on purpose. The other one is questionable as to how coherent he is to begin with.

You will not take up my time and get me and other genuine targets away from activism.  Dont waste my time.

There is a moron on here who has robert in his i.d. name..and he sounds like a true paranoid. He also writes like a person who is trying to become a handler..not gonna happen.   He says the same thing constantly like I have gone afer him before or beat him down in my writing somewhere. Since he repeats this phrase over and over I can only assume its brainwashing attempts...repetition being  the very definition of brainwashing.

I have been a TI and a female survivor of mc long enough to tell when attempts are made to gain control over be via abuse or guilt or both.  Not gonna happen.

I purposely dont mess with people if there is a problem..if there was I would simply not correspond or I would do it publically on this blog so everyone can see.  EVERYONE. Yer people and mine, jerks.

Dont waste my time.  I can sense that when I dont print this persons comments that they get off on it becuz they know I read it but was offended by its contents. 

And to all genuine TI's and people who really care...its another day you made it through.


Anonymous said...

"He says the same thing constantly like I have gone afer him before or beat him down in my writing somewhere."

That sounds really odd. Is this how handlers act usually? I seem to get these types posting trolls like this after I start posting to forums.

Anonymous said...

The one thing I noticed is how persistent and consistent they are... no matter how we react to them, they still have the same harassment BS themes going on. My personal reaction is it's lack of creativity on their part, but now I know it's one of their attempts to make 5+3=2, and keep pounding away until that statement comes true.

Do perps give you this impression, that they are determined to impose some fallacy on you they believe is right like that, over and over and over again? Again, 5+3=2. The smart TI thinking logically and clearly will see that perp tactic example is that a "2" is trying to imitate and mock an "8". They violate simple logic over and over again in their attempts to brainwash us or to simply impose FUD upon us. FUD, in case you were wondering, is "Fear Uncertainty and Doubt". IBM is famous for this, starting FUD campaigns against other companies back in the day when they were bullying out the competition. Same tactics perps and handlers use, I notice.

Medawar said...

Medawar experienced a bit of this: one "anonymous" and one "Chris". Both of whom stopped, coincidentally upon the arrest of the un-named ALF terrorist in Plymouth who was found to have an AK47 and several improvised explosives, shortly before world leaders gathered for the G20 summit -and "Chris" stopped attempting to rewrite history through comments to Medawar's blog at exactly the same time that the ALF's Chris Potter was arrested for attacking an old lady: the exact circumstances of both incidents have yet to come out in court and they must be presumed innocent etc...

So, if they offer on-line violence, coercion and abuse, there's an excellent chance they are being physically violent, too.



Medawar said...

Medawar's last attempt at a comment got tangled, if it comes through, skip it and try this:

Anonymous is right: the blog article which his perps were trying to hassle him into accepting falsehoods over, was all about the cruelty of being forced to accept things which one's reason wishes to reject! See the article, and the comments:

Anonymous said...

Looks like the electrical interference has subsided; all is better now. Still some residual effects, though. I guess this is the modern tech version of electroshock? Was it used to scramble the heart beats to cause discomfort, nausea, and loss of thinking ability?