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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Mexico and interesting phenomena

Ok it may not be phenomenal.
I seem very sensitive to things happening on primitive levels at times.
New Mexico bugs  me and I dont know why. The place is not as intoxicating as near Mexico, where flora and fauna make one think 'this is paradise'.  
Mostly you've got natives, a few afro americans here and there and whites. pioneer looking type whites and these gorgeous exapmles of the scandinavian blood here, some people look like they just arrived off an airplane from some nordic country. Its intersting mix of just a few ehtnic groups. And there are native/spanish mixes who consider themselves spanish never Mexican. 
As someone whos greatest natural asset is the ability to draw I enjoy looking at human beings and taking in thier features and structure as art itself. People are  beautiful and this culture shys away from fine arts in daily life so you wont know that.
What became a problem was the native population. Alright this isnt Boston or NY. In the southwest of the USA  men just do not have  a concept of the fiercly independent northeastern female. But the native men here get right up in your personal space...and it happened one too many times. Then it snowballed until yesterday after feeling hunted at the bus stop downtown by just this swarm of loser guys and even the women I left feeling like I wanted to kill every native in the area. Something in me got VERY stirred and on a primitvie level I started thinking of war-preparing for war etc.
I got to where I am staying and calmed myself. I thought there must be a logical explaination..there has to be. I just felt as if the natives were aggressive even just through thier presence and they have a very bad habit of looking me straight in the eye, like they want war, wanna fight or wanna own.

Then I talked to a few people and they said they always felt the Navajo had something 'dark' about thier nature. I looked it up and there are alot descendants of warlike tribes here, mostly Navajo.  I knew it was a logical explaination.  Now I know what their nature is I'll just get some dark glasses and ignore it. But it is very primitive.  Even if a female is looking at you from her drivers seat, it looks like she is...hunting or -I cant explain it but it doesnt scare me it triggers something in me and pisses me of on prehistoric levels that I cannot readily control. 
Explaining it with logic however is helpful. 
The natives in Pheonix never annoyed me as such nor anywhere else for that matter, and I like the non intrusiveness of  the Mexican culture. There are natives that dont look like what I assume is Navajo here and they dont bug me either, but they look different.   I am only assumnig that it has got to be their ancient warlikeness I am struggling with.

Interesting.  So much goes on among our false man made world that is of the natural world.

The natives are really the last people I want to hassle with becuz thier deal is the rawest in the country and also many of their activists are harassed and followed by the FBI for life due to them being a threat (by telling the truth of course.)  Uh.. I can kind of relate.

Joy Junction was ok this time. No one messed with me..due to some environmental issues they have with the building I couldnt stay there.

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