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Friday, May 8, 2009

a piece on handlers and attempts to get into your anyone

We as targets and survivors of trauma especially tbmc have to be especially careful of attempts to control us. But anyone among human society has to watch for this. People who are preconditioned are especially vulnerable.
The response in the comments I got makes it seem like people really dont know what perps do tactically..

If so then here is some advice.

I notice that criminal types seem hip to tactics of these types more than anyone. I dont know much about other TI's except what I have to assume are genuine TI's on this blog commenting or people in the conference calls I have heard that sound genuine.

If you are a trauma survivor or tbmc especially, which is a systematic enslavement of human beings from childhood that is often intergenerational, you are going to be in danger all your life of being 'caught' in predators traps.  If your situation is that of a tbmc survivor (cult, programming etc) there may very well be people who are predators who work for the cult or...who ever is responsible. They will constantly hound you to try to see if you can be reconditioned either to keep you quiet as a victim witness or to put you back into work in various capacities.

Some non pros will come after you just becuz they know the basics about what they consider weak or vulnerable people and they know they can come after you for whatever THIER motives are.
In other words, firstly you never know who you are dealing never know who people really are. And with the system targets deal with, you REALLY never know who is on the other end.

You can feel it, if you stop and think and not let emotional reactions pull you in. There are people who know just how to approach you in order to control you.
That's all you really need to know actually. Is that they are working on getting around your conscious mind.
Look at the way they are making you feel not what they are saying. Beware of repetitive comments or phrases or even intentions..this is mind control attempts or what our society childishly calls 'brain washing'. Think of someone who wants to get into a secure area or locked doors...they just keep hammering away or knocking until they get in..and its very much about codes to get in especially with tbmc survivors.

They are only trying to get in somewhere that they should not be allowed to get into..more covert warfare.

Its about trying to control you even online..why? To waste your time of course. Once you get a list of their tactics you will see that every action is to the same end and fits into the regular 'list' of things they are trying to pull.

Its yet another way of keeping you down to make sure you get nowhere, in any realm. Its to stunt your growth and to keep you small. There is something about targeted individuals..its as if there is this fear and terror almost defined as obsessive, that exists among the perps and their supporters among the general public, that certain TI's never reach thier right size or natural level of growth/evolution...spiritually, emotionally, intellectually or otherwise.

You have to be kept small. Only their reasons are thier own.

Do what you can to stop the system from keeping you from your right size according to Nature, not a falsified system of control, man made and organized.

In many ways they have cut TI's off from the rest of the world. You live in the land of the are essentially what the Asians call an 'angry ghost'.

This is part of the ever creepy occult end of gang stalking , the part no one ever talks about. Yet, these ancient rituals and practices are what makes organized stalking most dangerous if not effective.
This is part of the process of what we call 'behavior modification' these days..reforming or modifying someone by breaking them down and destroying them, then guiding them by suggestion and isolation into what the overseeing system wants them to become. You can easily loose your true sense of self this way. Also with many TI's there is brain damage from the use of chemicals, stress or other methods. This is not so different from what is done in voodoo to make zombies...if you read the book by the Harvard professor who is the subject of the movie The Serpent and the Rainbow you will see this is not just folklore. Real chemical compounds are used, like the poison of the puffer fish as well as others to make the person appear dead to medical staff, then the person is buried essentially still alive. The medically undead person then wakes up in a grave trying to get air, they suffer brain damage from lack of oxygen to the brain. Then at the right time the person is dug up by people who targeted them, and they are permanently damaged 'zombies', really all due to brain damage and chemical poising. The victim is targeted by someone coming up unexpectedly and blowing the powder in thier faces as a means of delivery for the chemical compound that makes them appear dead.

The spiritual element can be categorized as psych warfare...the act of taking a personal object and wrapping it around a vessel and intimating that you now possess the persons soul..none of which would you have had the power to do so without chemicals and damaging of the brain.

I have a background in some occult study which is the one of the reasons I am still walking around. I know that what is happening is essentially the same practice but now with tech used as well..a form of chemical and tech lobotomies to create manageable people. Look at the similarities between the voodoun methods and what is done to TI's.

You need to be aware of chemicals, occult practices, psychological warfare tactics, psy ops, and psychology.

What is being done to targets is based on ancient practices of attack and destruction of people and is useful in a modern era where mans biggest disadvantage is to believe that the ancient world no longer exists or has any validity. He believes he is expanding but really he has been corralled off into an area where he can be controlled, especially by the modern ways of info war or manipulating/managing information.

Modern tech in our daily lives the way it is set up is nothing but a prison and diversion if it serves to define human reality as a whole.

This is why so many perps feel a sense of power. In an ancient way they are feeling the occult power of these activities even if they don't know what they are doing for what it really is. Its good that they do not know what they are truly engaging in as this keeps THEM controlled. Also many perps are simply blind and mindless tools of true designers..for instance I have heard whispers and things around me at times about people discussing conversing with people in on this sort of thing.

Like a woman telling a friend that she said to someone in on this " You think I dont know what you do, that you destroy someone who is spiritual?" This societal ignorance and fear gives the perps just what they overblown sense of power. They don't deserve that much mystique nor recognition. All they are doing can be measured in terms of science, math and logic..thus targets should respond as such. To become poetic or mystical about it is like believing in the voodoun instead of seeing what he is really doing. Its called mind control.

I am not spiritual..for the most part I was programmed and that is all. Spirituality is relative. Programming is logical. Let the public think this is a spiritual matter or that its a power game or that its a soap opera or epic or whatever their TV ad minds come up with.

You cant destroy logic. That is why its so important to keep an eye on what the perps are doing to your emotional state or any other part of you they are trying to manipulate.

Spirituality is like money in the bank..fortunes can be gained and lost. What they are hoping is to do so much damage to the vessel you are occupying, that you will just want to 'leave' (suicide) or that you will never be able to retain energy again post damage.

The perps want to change you, and in order to keep that going they have to constantly work on you. Harassing you everyday is a way of doing that. Anywhere they can get into to do that they will.

A handler is specific I think to people under a system of control..usually someone worth money somehow who can be profited from. Or if no longer, someone they want to then keep under control so they dont talk or free others or for whatever reason. I was warned by another older female TI that alot of guys are sent as handlers for us. She said that point blank. I already guessed that anyway...but anyone who can control you and add to the damage is beneficial to the systems intentions.


Anonymous said...

I have noticed the tactics of continually trying to re-open old wounds, wounds that haven't completel healed. I don't think those wounds ever heal -- there is still a little compartment where they always reside. Then I suppose it's a matter of resonating the right frequency in order to re-traumatize.

Perps even try to control which TI blog I pose to. I also have noticed that they, through street theatre and the types of people they send after me, are trying to build up this "mystique" of being all-powerful, beautiful, perfect, and me being the weak one who wants "to be like them". Hence, I'm left envying them, but I know it's all a superficial, on-the-surface perfection, and that most of what they attack lies strictly on the surface... in other words, smoke and mirrors psychology to make me feel undesirable, and them to have all the qualities I desire.
Again, done with doppelgangers that look like me (undesirable or desirable, depending on the applicatuon), or others. I've noticed they have doppelgangers of people who were mean to me or traumatized or harassed me a good bit in the past look all "perfect" and have all the traits that I "covet". Meanwhile, my look-alikes have all the traits I despise, or those which they project I will have once they are "done with me" (complete homelessness as well as lack of health).

It's a never-ending repetitious cycle, and one of them conveyed to me that they use endless repetition as one of their tactics.

I've also seen and heard many people bitch about the fact that I never "change". One person was saying "he'll change eventually". Yet other true perps say "it's just a matter of time".

Medawar said...

It's interesting that you link mind control and the occult.

Have you heard of (or come across?) Michael Aquino? He was the Pentagon's head of "psychological operations" under Reagan, and also set up "The Temple of Set" which is a satanic cult.

He's been charged at least thirteen times with child sex abuse, but the witnesses always get strangely stressed and confused in the witness box!

He came to mind recently, because the Home Office published a list of those they bar from the UK on the grounds of national security -and he wasn't on it!

He always used to be: when William Whitelaw was Home Secretary, he was the ONLY American on the banned list.

He's believed to have entered the UK on two occasions whilst banned: one using a passport in the name of a Mr Black, and one using the name "Colonel White". (He was a lieutenant-colonel in the US Army.) This may have been a childish bit of nastiness: the officer responsible for most of the attempts to prosecute Aquino (because nearly all the children were relatives of military personnel) was General Gray, at one time Commandant-General of the US Marine Corps.

When in the UK, illegally, Aquino went on two tours, to set up local satanic covens, in the Midlands on one tour, the North West and the Isle of Man on the other.

One wonders why Zanu-Labour saw fit to lift the ban; perhaps they thought he was just like most of Cherie Blair's social circle anyway!

Rachael O. said...

I have written once on this blog about this subject matter. His existence is useful as one can document that the US miliatry is connected to such outside agencies. That is where I end it..If there is so much evidence against him why does no one notice? Its an interesting subject matter but its something people dont want to deal with. I am more interested in his work in psy ops. I have read some of his papers. With something like this one needs hard documentation..its too, er, out there.
If someone wanted to do a thorough investigation they would..has anyone? Why not then? Its not in the scope of what I am doing right now. The info connected to this subject matter is..useful however.

Anonymous said...

What if it's not the ti's but the perps that are zombified and cannot act any other way than they act? Maybe their brains have been taken over by alien forces or psych drugs and they cannot stand up for ethics or principles anymore. Maybe they are the "pod people". It's impossible all these people enjoy harassing ti' 24/7.

Ti's must be touted as the "enemy" of the new world. We must be pitifully outdated and needing to be disposed of like an old obsolete appliance and only "newer" models are OK to live in society.

The "new" models are totally controlled robohumans controlled by the media and psych drugs. They experience few negative emotions, and do not need emotional support as they just pop a pill. They live a life of endless distraction and interaction with electronics such as cell phones, pdf's and (gulp) computers.

They never question authority nor do they question the other people in their peer group. They just do, do and do. They never question themselves, either or examine themselves. They live as animals but with even fewer morals.

Ice has been placed in their hearts and dullness has been put on their consciences. They are not humans but a human shaped creature who is property of the state. They are born, live and die never knowing their humanity nor anything close to freedom, even though they are "free" to harass others. Thinking, to them, is a bore. They can be clever, but not intelligent.

The perp bosses, who once were human, are another story. They are aware but totally depraved, given to their evil natures.

Rachael O. said...

You really are hiding a writer in there somewhere arent you Downcast?
Every TI at one time or another has become so tortured and sleep deprived that the inhumane behavior of 'the perps' has suddenly occured to us as something alien to the human race. Unfortunetly, there is nothing alien about victim witness intimidation and protecting black budgets/business as well as social control of a nation.

Its becuz we are Americans or westerners perhaps and we are raised to see the world very differently than what we discover being pulled down into being targeted.
Its a mind f*ck, and it works becuz its hidden from public perception. Like when firemen start gangstalking you..its one of the most disappointing things you will ever experience especially for a woman. These guys are supposed to be our heroes and they betray us on a most intimate level. That is also why this is guerilla warfare. Like when bombs were strapped to babies by the Vietcong..why? Becuz they knew the American mindset would never expect such an act against children.
You have to be easy on yourself, not only are you experiencing a personal betrayal probably but its a culture your own culture!! Its a part of the culture you did not know existed hidden in plain sight, and your mind has to get used to this new reality.
Its not supposed to be this way I know, and the very people who are supposed to protect us are actively in on the gang stalking.
This is becuz they are indeed human. And the system is set up to not be realistic about what human failings are about, thats why this system works. Its the secret weapon in our society against anyone inconvenient that needs to be managed or whoever. Of course they arent going to admit to it becuz then the would have no emergency management system of people or even a way to deny ongoing human experimentation which you can also read about in history books along with typical atrocities humans are known for doing.

I agree that tech has become a sort of drug habit to replace real drugs..why do you think "Just say NO" was so important? I assume it was to shift people off of those sorts of drugs (social control) and onto psych meds and tech (social control).
Cyber reality is fine but it must be seen as an alternate reality or a layer of reality that is in addition to the natural world. If you are plugged in all the time, you might as well have a needle hanging out of your arm. I would probably have more respect for you if you did anyway, at least its honest.

Thanks for the rant Downcast.

I am not doubting your pod people or alien theory...after what I have seen nothing is impossible. But I would need hard proof. In a way pod people is sort of an idea..if someone is trained only to live in the cyber world AND they are on psych meds just becuz they dont conform they are in a way a false self at that point. The true person is not being expressed.
Pot is the biggest thing all perps have in common..a great majority seem to smoke pot. THAT has always been of interest to me. Could the designers of this nonsense actually decide to lower the levels of THC (that love your brother feeling) and even put some other drugs into the cannibis sativa supply so that pot acts as a mind control drug on those who smoke, as smokers are showing a rebellious streak to begin with by 1) self medicating
2) doing something deemed illegal. Takes care of that group of potential trouble makers dont it? I assume you could engineer pot to even be a mood stabilizer or anything else.
Pod people/aliens. Yeaaahhhh, I know what you mean. You just sit there and you cannot believe the scale of this or that this could really be happening. Its sad is what it is. But the systems need for control right now seems so much more important than human lives.
They might be programmed, which is why you sense that they are robotic or that they are performing actions while not all there. That is probably more logical. I have always wanted to get a perp alone and get answers from him/her as to why they do what they do, especially the ones who seem unashamed by what they do but not sadistic..yeah the 'robotic'ones. They are the stangest ones arent they.