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Friday, May 22, 2009

Why labels are not only stupid but help oppressors control and repress

Firstly lets tackle a term I ignore as much of American culture which is ever disposable anyway as well as ridiculous.
MILF /Cougar :

Being delusional as you all know I am for using critical thinking in daily life to figure out problems and avoid life crushing attempted frame ups, I was under the impression that I was a person opposed to a term..especially one that is sooo male centric and fully serves thier purposes as well as demeaning to women over 30 everywhere.

I often have trouble with reality, like the idea I had human rights as an individual or that the Geneva Convention was going to be obeyed..things like that really should have sent me to the nut house years ago-but I keep on insisting on my version of reality, which is mere fantasy to most Americans and considered bad manners really-freedom fighting is something that people do in other countries, not here, and it was something that stoned people did in the 60's..or Gen X did in the 90's, and we are supposed to have learned our lesson and our place by now post Bush.  Some people never learn I guess.
Perhaps Homer Simpson was a wiser man for sticking the crayon back up his nose...maybe I should try it sometime. I might enjoy life more and be capable of the ever popular 'getting along' with people....hmm.

This term infers that I am of a certain age so there fore I am..uh, something else then, opposed to what I was before-- ???.   And as usual instead of a person I am now a sex object to be judged only in those terms but of a differing value than I was when younger. Which is the perfect con if you want to corner and control older women who are still attractive but are now loosing their estrogen and with it thier patients with your BS. Also now they are still young enough to have impact but older enough to use it wisely.  Hmm truly a dangerous animal. "Well, Bob, get out the net and lets corner this thing. We don't want this animal bothering the local populace and eating small get out that labeling system and with the use of words we will contain this thing and kill any concept of female power by restraining this critter within the sexual roles she thought she could grow out of at this age.  If that happens we'll be ruined man!"
Its like Wild Kingdom..remember? The old guy would sell you insurance while in the background his younger partner would wrestle some dangerous creature.. or that Australian guy who passed away. Imagine what a MILF would do for the ratings if he antagonized one of THOSE!!

Just when you thought it was safe to be human and grow up, American men find some obnoxious way of making you 16 and controllable again.

Labels trap people. Stereo types at least merit discussion as there are details attached. A label is so..clinical.  I feel like a jar with a brain in it at the local hospital or university.
And MILF just sounds gross for some reason.  The word itself just has an unattractive way about it. And with all the research I do until I am ready to drop concerning human experimentation etc, it starts to look like some NASA label or some weapon. 'The MILF ray- the latest in non lethal weaponry.' I cant stand it. Get rid of this, its awful.
And Cougar is just immature...and even a little too weird.  It just takes away from female mystique and that is so depressing really.  Perhaps this is men's way but its just weird sometimes the way they look at things. They undoubtedly think this is funny as they always do.
Why do men not have funny names like these? Should we make some up?

This is an easy demonstration of how labels work to corner and corral. In organized stalking campaigns the bad PR campaign will always utilize labels. And the attempts to really fulfill a label are never ending.

The purpose is to:
-reduce the TI to a one dimensional character so that they are easier to further manipulate on all sides and so the public has little sympathy for them.
-get the TI into a 'label' that further make them manageable through public perception such as the ability to shelve them or further humiliate them.
Such as being represented as masculine then they will try to push one into being a lesbian by different methods when in fact this is not a natural state for you. This is becuz this society has a problem with gay people and so this is a desired result of the perps.  As is anything they can get you into that you were not into before to use against you that looks 'bad' to the society you live in.
Shelving you with a label is the ultimate.  Getting you into something where the specific label will 'take care of the problem' (you the TI) as far as public perception.

Let the ONLY things they have to work with be the truth and that belongs to you.

Remember this is all related to behavior modification. FOR THEM TO GET A TI TO BECOME OR DO SOMETHING THAT THEY WOULD NOT HAVE BEFORE OR IS NOT IN THIER TRUE NATURE seems to be a desired result for them.  Labels help this system control it's victims.
And we all know the label that is tried on all of us in the beginning..they will even try to get you to take on a psych label of your own free will via trauma then suggestion, which of course means its brainwashing and there is probably nothing wrong with you at all.

The next time you have a health ailment like needing your appendix out, observe how, in the world of sanity and reality the doc will tell you directly you have this health condition.  People won't go skulking around you when you are traumatized from being terrorized 'suggesting' in so many ways that perhaps you need your appendix out, especially by mirroring you with your own symptoms and then saying that is what is wrong with  THEM.

Ahh, psychological warfare.  A very bad disease indeed.

Labels are alright when trying to create Order, however when trying to create disorder one will hide under the order of things in order to do so. Create false chaos to create false order. (True chaos would be that tree outside yer window and its design, which man did not create and is naturally very pleasant for all healthy humans to view.)
Perps and the system only care about the order of things that benefits them and thier plans and needs.  They do not respect the natural design of things. Labels help them cut and alter so that things will be or grow as they desire not as is according to Nature..which means that its a falsehood. Or one can look at it as the war of the Artists or Designers where this system tries to convince us that it knows best and our own Will or mind does not. That we do not have the right to design our own realities for our lives, or that we cannot think for ourselves.

Labels are useful even necessary to create order. Under all circumstances they should be inspected to ensure they are not being misused to trap someone into a role or perception to control them.  This is the value of info wars...manipulating  information is useful to make labels seem realistic.

Oh and to add to this I just found out MILF is for moms..ok then.


Anonymous said...

It looks like there's an international syndicate of these perverted assholes doing this to me. Have fun raping women and girls, assholes, and using the gangstalking to cover your crimes.

Anonymous said...

I gotta tell ya, I'm a man, and I just feel like going outside and crying right now. All this bullshit, and making me out to be something I am most certainly am not. TI sites such as this are about the only outlet I have right now.

I'm sure I'm going to be made fun of by our wonderful, thinking-for-themselves non-conformist locals in this town.

Anonymous said...

The thing that hurt me most (refer to "I feel like crying" in my last post) is the betrayal aspect. Why are people betraying me like this? It's like there is so much honor in being this Benedict Arnold type, which I see a lot of. Betrayal seems to be the foundation of gangstalking/organized harassment. Without it, the system could never exist. Oh, you do have your complete strangers and others who get whatever they want out of you. But I've had two very close people (in my perspective) to me SELL ME OUT, and go along with this complete and utter bullshit complete with their roles in re-traumatizing me.