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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Barbara Bush on Romney's religous beliefs (video!)

This is why I dont even entertain the sleazy mud slinging (and marked lack of critical thinking) known as "politics". Guess what? Unless you are elected to office your opinions should be meaningless. This is one of the few instances when I am in favor of the concept of women/the wife being seen and not heard.

What the hell does economics, the economy, finances, the budget and human rights/civil rights have to do with opinions about Romney and Mormonism?

Makes me wonder exactly who the real dictator is in this interview.

By the way...people on assistance tend to stay that way when they have to deal with oppression and they are driven into homelessness. Also if you dont want people staying on the dole, you might encourage their efforts at self help instead of targeting them.

I especially love the inability to complete the pitch so she has to throw it back in King's lap and refer to his wife for a finish. Becuz really she is essentially a wife of not a politician proper or an elected official..which is why, like a typical female, she thinks she can say as she pleases without accountability.

You cant have it both ways. Unless of course your just a girl, which this vid illustrates beautifully.

Some of us are kept down, and I certainly am being taken care of by my own...a human experimentee/inconvenient victim witness. The treatment I am getting will certainly 'take care' of me thats for sure.

If you dont want people on the dole then fix society: lower the population by demanding a hold on births by law, stop the medical industrial complex from valuing human life over quality of life and medicating symptoms not curing disease.
..and you might try not having things like MK Ultra and other nightmares of human experimentation.
Oh, also you might stop blaming victims, encouraging corruption and hiding behind a false morality when really YOU and your kind are the ones that ensure that poverty and its trapping stays alive and flourishes. Create a system of government that does not play tug of war with the public where one administration demonizes the poor then the next encourages their existence and even assists in thier increase..and then back round again. 

Your belief system is meaningless, though we live in a country where you have a right to express it.

Critical thinking will always rule over that of dictatorial opinion...from 'the wife' no less.

Oh, how the peasants outside the castle take your royal abuse with gratitude dear queen (roll eyes)!

You never know who might pop up who has eyes to see. There is a reason for that. Becuz the true rulers of this world know how to reign wisely where your hand is played as that of a teenager with a new credit card...I mean realm to rule.

Transference, projection, displacement..Instead of a chair, get this woman a couch.

Is this attitude that explains why all my rich criminal friends got off and even rewarded while I, a person struggling on assistance (gasp!) at the time of the massacre..I mean Romney's governorship of MA and the war, while I end up targeted out of existence?

Hmm, its not the main reason but it sure did help the bad PR campaign didn't it?


Like a perp said to me once about the situation "oh, well, it doesn't pay to be poor". Nice try but the radiation experiments still stand as well as that federal bust.

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