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Sunday, May 10, 2009

In all fairness to different generations of TI's

(NOTE the times of posting are due to a feature that allows one to schedule posts. Blogger in draft. I highly suggest it.. But it has no spell check yet.)

Having a tendency to be hard on millenials as I have will probably only fragment the community. I heard a song in a van I was in and it was from a young band. They seem convinced that the world is coming apart or at least the system anyway. I have to consider the fact that this generation is at a disadvantage becuz they are young and also that the brain washing tactics and system is so all inclusive now, how could they know any different? Also, they are most likely scared to death and intimidated into this sentiment.
Also, I dont think they had 60's generation parents raising them from toddler age to always question authority as it has a tendency to f*ck up and not want to admit to doing so.
This is why I have done other peices on long lost blogs about Gen x. I feel that 'slacker' ='sleeper'. We always knew, something inside alot of us, that our time to really rebel was not so much in youth, but at some later time. This is why we seemed to not do anything when younger. Something was wrong with the set up and we knew it. Something made us wait and here we are.
We are the children of the transition into technology and those of us who did not go along with the systems designs have just as valid of a voice as those who did or helped with that design thus far.

I saw this ridiculous tv movie about a millenial kid with a gen x mom. It made the mom out to be this lost, loose, marginally incestous lesbian monster. However, when I was young we had to live with Boomer worship through the 1980's even when they shipped alot of us off to tough love camps for experimental drug use-places more geared towards 40 year old long time users than scared kids. They were jealous of us being young. Now we are marginalized and ignored becuz a new generation dislikes us becuz we are wise and older.
I personally refuse to deal with the little snuggly deal between boomers and millenials. Our parents were monsters in some ways and people dont change they just get good at hiding. Thier egos are no smaller than they once were when they were being overt about it. Alot of parents of first borns like me shun Gen x'ers becuz we saw too much and had to scrape too many people off of floors from OD's or whatever. They dont want you to know what the 1970's was really like.
The point is that if anyone sees what is wrong right now its us. We grew up fast in ways the millenials will never know and and gen x has a wisdom we never get recognized for. You can be older than me and try to co op Nirvana all you want. You will never understand what our music meant to us, just as we have only a faint idea from a childs view of what Hendrix meant to you or no idea really of what Slipknot means to millenials.

Its becuz there is something about gen x that disturbs the 'grown ups' as long as we are alive. I believe its becuz we will never return to June and Ward in our old age. We werent rebelling in youth with radical ideas were raised with them.
A history professor who dropped out tried to tell me that its a fear going on of anything from the 60's.

As you can see from my activism there is a definate effort to control the minds of men, to squelch free thought with many methods.

One thing we forget about readily in our society is older people. I have to imagine as I did today that older people use youtube also. That they are also taking in the internet experience. In some ways people older than the baby boomers are more understanding of human nature and of human failings. They seem more realistic about life and the world. They also often seem more approving of a rebellion against repression. That someone is trying to do something about it and this is perhaps necessary or just and right.
Older men and women have memories too. They recall travels and lovers and experiences that were the culmination of thier lives. They still think and form ideas but rarely is there any attention to this in our society.
Just try to imagine them young like you to give this validity.
I started imagining if older persons view some of the things on youtube. That they have memories of work or women or life years ago. Thier life experience is also valid.

I think becuz I got slammed in my early 30's that I am especially driven and bitter about being kept down at an age where I am not young anymore but that I did not even have a chance to get my life in order as I liked. I tend to focus on other TI's who are struggling with having thier life in thier prime cut short.
I have to assume that much older TI's exist or that very young ones exist. However I wonder how many very young people know they are targeted.

I have had alot of action lately with people trying to get me to look at my future or how what I am doing now affects my future. The system should have thought of that when I was trying to form my future in Brighton around 2003. Now the road is set and I will not be taken off the path, not by anyone or any force. This is the power of your 30's. Staying power.
Yesterday some old NY alleged radical (really he was just an old crank hiding in NM) was trying to convince me that doing the right thing equalled isolation. Alot of people have also been trying to get me to look at what comes after my activsm or project. This is typical in trying to control a target. That means that they either 1) dont understand the whole situation and how severe it is
2) they are trying to cover the systems ass and all its corruption
3) they are living in denial and trying to get you to settle down there with them as a way to make all the abuse better. (also there is too much focus on career defining a person, on becoming someone, as opposed to getting it together inside first. I very much needed to get myself repaired internally before venturing out into the world or trying to gain position in the world. The idea that organized stalking and harassment or betrayal and torture are motivational is pure fantasy and wishful con jobbing on the part of the system that does this to people. They will always do ANYTHING necessary to validate thier actions. Do not buy into this. They screwed up end of story and it must be represented as a screw up not something beneficial to the Target. They wont show is thier faces so why should they be allowed to save face?  Allow them to save nothing from these battles and this war.)

This then means that you are doing something that you probably should be doing.
Ever since the beginning this system has ruined my life and then tried to con or control me into some sort of solution to what THEY did..or some faction tries to push you into denial to solve what another faction did to you.
Guess what? I should be at the top of my game in life right now, going up the ladder in my chosen field and working non stop. NOT LOSING YEARS OFF MY HEALTH AND INTELLECT, LIVING IN HOMELESS SHELTERS AND MISSING OUT ON LIFE EXPERIENCE. How is this OK?

This system never fails to utilize intimidation, fear, and produce failure to ensure you see no other way out other than THIER way as a way out.
The ultimate victim witness intimidation machine.

My future consists of payback and a healthy dose of truth being left behind. Other than that I have no concern for the future. What the hell is wrong with people? No one guarentees a future of a way out of a problem ever. And if the system insists on denying a future of my own design then how is accepting thier design to my advantage? It will never be as beneficial to me as my life plan was.
Unless we are indeed dealing with human experimentation concerning human performance enhancing methods as well as silent behavior modification.
Then there will be a definate effort to prove this system works, for investors most likely, if not to silence a victim for the benefit of some.

I was in a shelter in Boston and listening to Rick James, as I grew up in the 70's for a few years in an urban environment this would be a natural part of my musical tastes. Anyway, this idiot turns to me and says "Youve come a long way" it was so insulting. Like I couldnt have come up with this as simply a matter of taste.
It reminded me that the TI is always portrayed in the worst light possible to make behavior modification seem favorable if not necessary as reform.

Never do people know the TI for who they really are nor ask them their side of the story. Its just assumed that bad PR is the way it is.

Being complex and complicated only makes the systems job easier...becuz then you can be misunderstood as well as represented as one dimensional. You have seen what the media does to famous people lately? Puts them up for public scrutiny? Then the public get the idea this is thier right or this is the way. They are THAT easily trained believe it or not.

Complicated people piss this culture off. You cant readily sell such a thing as quickly as simple content. The days of admiring the sensitive arist type are not here right now. However since this is a constant throughout human history avoiding the validity of a true artistic personality is like refusing to say the sun is out simply do to the sky being cloudy. Its another bs illusion is what it is.

And we are dealing with a pc trained generation who believe this belief system to be like religion is to other generations..the rules of PC are thier societal ettiquette. Rarely do these types however have to live in circumstances where racial and class differences must be observed and analyzed in order to stay alive.

The younger people I think we are seeing who are targeted are the kids who are snapping and just going off and shooting people in schools. I bet you a good chance there was bullying involved. I alwasy lack sympathy when I see all those people at the school crying and sh*t..either they dont know the truth or they are doing whatever they can to avoid responsibility.

What would drive a young person to such an act? Not just mental illness thats for damn sure. There must be societal factors. And young people especially males only know how to go off or attack. When your older you'll know how to go to war and head a campaign not just fight.

So I should refrain from slagging off younger people so much. Perhaps some younger TI's can comment more, so that I can see as we used to say 'where you're coming from'...


  1. I've noticed the reporter doing the piece on Jerry Wong made it point to portray him as some coward who couldn't stand to live with his own failures, hence his need to go off and kill people.

    I had one kind psycho controlling roommate in college tell me it's perfectly natural to want to commit suicide. And when I do decide to "do it", I should take a few people along with me, i.e., murder a few people before killing myself.

    Now we have people insinuating the same thing, but they are burying these ideas inside their psy-ops and gangstalking tactics.

    I had one neighbor two years ago provoke me on a couple of occasions. Well, one day I just went completely berserk the next time I saw him. He went crying to my mom, saying things like I tried to attack him, and I was pounding on his car window trying to attack him. Then she said basically he's married, what would he want from you? I explained the provocations, but she is obviously scared of the system and just wanted to rip into me, believing the guy's story. Actually, I did give him a serious tongue-lashing when I saw him driving in his car. Not to say what I did was right, but to show that when we do retaliate, our actions will be overblown and have some lies and overexaggerations mixed in with the truth to make it look like we simply attacked the provocateur, who is now playing an innocent bystander. I never had any trouble with him again. But I did have an incident with his wife or daughter calling me a "druggie" (about 2 weeks ago), which I'm not.

  2. And young people especially males only know how to go off or attack.That's a good point, and probably a reason why this whole operation levied against a TI is so secret. The young kid as a TI has no idea the bullying is orchestrated, and that his life is being compromised by many people other than those at his school. And of course, it's fitting these many people can't come up with an original idea if it bit them in the ass. The only time they "come up with ideas" is when the target himself comes up with the idea. All of a sudden, these people involved in his harassment all of a sudden have this great idea. Imagine that? All of these little pressures add up. A young kid TI probably lacks wisdom and experience to defend himself against these attacks. And these many people are brutal, too. They never let up.

    This is probably why you see so many kids harassing TI's of any age.

    And of course, these peers of the kid gone crazy will all be in denial, much like their
    "adult" counterparts. A good reason why these people/kids carry out these attacks in secret, hidden from the TI as much as possible.

  3. I can see now that most people I encounter are harassing me based on stuff they "know" about me. Maybe it's an illusion; they could be "their" operatives walking around, such that it appears that any arbitrary person is a perp.

    I get so many encounters... in the 2 1/2 hours I was out and about, there were like 25 incidents.