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Thursday, May 21, 2009

DEW 2009 conference..and an included conversation I had with a BU professor on the subject of scientists making toys that can be abused by the boys

I was panhandling and doing activism in Kenmore last summer. Late an interesting man came and sat next to me.. In this college area alot of people let thier hair down at night at the bars and restaurants. In typical Boston style they want to talk to the more coherent street people becuz they are bored or interested in why you are or how you are existing this way.    Yes, you will also get harassed but meeting the friendly sorts is worth it.
A man who was Dutch I believe sat down as he was drunk he wanted to talk. He worked at BU as a teacher I believe and did other work.  When we started discussing my activism he turned to sadness through the conversation..reality set in I think. He turned away from the reality of his own life connected to what is happening today in this world- the misuse of technologies. He tried to mask his emotions in typical Euro style and as they seeped through he said sheepishly "I cant help if someone mis uses something I helped invent (create?) ".   He  wanted no further  concern in  what  was going to become of what he helped bring into this world.   He then suffered from guilt I suppose and gave me like $40 for a room.

This is the problem with people with careers in these everyone else they want to keep them.  As you can see from the vid on Mind Wars the man speaking says he has a very hard time with scientists becuz anyone wanting to make laws they distrust.

It really comes down to people feeling that expendable people are worth it in business.

I was told to my face by a perp who had some sort of fondness for me that basically I was an expendable person and that .." expendable people are factored into businesses from the start. Kind of like men dying on the job of constructing a building are factored into that budget at the start of the project." in recent years it occurs to me that there is a difference  between some one who takes a job and knows the possible risks and is also trained to avoid those risks, and someone who is not aware at all what is happening.
He was referring I think to my personal situation(s) but its the same analogy.
What are a few people compared to that much profit? And if you argue with the military industrial complex nowadays it seems you are arguing with the military itself as well as the police.

Perhaps its like nuclear bombs. If we dont get them the other side will have them. Fine..let all the miltary have them and anyone else they feel authorized. BUT then make sure that there are laws in place that pertain to misuse and abuse of such technologies.  And stop using psychiatry to cover corruption -give it up.   How much psycological warfare and tech does someone have to be subjected to to make it obvious what is happening? Please.

And dont depend on that being a rhetorical question...this is not Dylan's generation. That would be a fun protest song...if they still made them. " How many  times does a man have to get hit with tech and gangstalked before you can call him a man?"  Forget the philosophy lesson from the bard.  

MAKE LAWS and demand that victims..ANY victims be able to have some recourse and be believed if they are targeted.  Not this cold war against the victims.

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