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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the phone fiasco was dealt with

She agreed to return it but acted surprised by all this, that it did not work.  And I had to spend 17 min on the phone with Virgin getting everything back to normal.

Why are there people managing stores who dont know the products and I am sleeping on a floor on a mat with only one pair of pants and 3 shirts?  Why does she get to be so stupid and get paid and I have to work on this for free everyday (dont worry I am  adding Paypal as requested by my readers who want to choose to help out. You are correct, I should accept some help if I need it. But what is obnoxious is that the American people or anyone for that matter shouldnt have to pay for the others keeping someone destitute. I should have been able to get my apartment fixed, go to school become a councillor and an artist.)

After what I have seen this country is so crooked its ridiculous. This is common business practice over here, while someone highly intelligent and competent is targeted into sleeping on a floor. 
At this point I would say we need something worse than the pig virus..something to get at all the perps who seem to be hooked into a system that always warns them of coming danger. Always gives them an edge. Something for the ultimate connected people, the spoiled brats to beat all brats.

All the people hooked into the gang stalking system always have access to superior intel.  They shouldnt. WQhat they need is to be humbled like the rest of the country right now.

Do you think the economy or the pig flu scares these people?  No. Becuz they always have that edge. That advantage..I want to see something come along--just for them. To get at them, to scare them.  To humble them.  
What is happening now wont even touch them.  They'll either laugh at it or they'll play drama queens to the people around them as a game to look like they give a sh*t to appear normal, while all the while they smugly think about how they wont be affected, and they know it.

We need a special little gift..just for our friends in the perp network and all in the know. Something...exclusive, since they enjoy that so much.

Anyway,  i got my money back but no internet on the road. waste of my time anyway.

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