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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Class wars hidden under racial harmony

If you focus on race then class will be no problem.  If you promote diversity then class wars can be ignored.

No one will realize there are casualties. In fact people will be trampling over the other guy (hopefully of thier own race) to get to be more like the class that is being favored in the silent class war being waged and they wont even notice. While harmony is being promoted simultaneously class war is as well.

Especially useful is to attach a certain race to a certain class...making as if certain classes are represented by certain races only. Then one gets brainwashed into thinking that being in racial harmony as it is promoted is then class harmony as well.

You know what I miss? The world in the 1990s and before when people let you take care of your own affairs and minded thier own business.
During a Republican president there was more govt interference in citizens lives than anyone is ever going to admit. And not just by the 'state' but by the accompanying Christian right, which was totally insane and I still cant believe what I saw.

THAT was a class war if I ever saw one.

The ability to use critical thinking and come to ones own conclusions is not only unfashionable its almost illegal if not extinct. 
The wrong way of doing things is being promoted as the New way of doing things...there is nothing old fashioned about reason, logic or critical thinking.  It is and always has been a constant.

And still there is injustice in the world and we act as if everything is going to be fine and everything is fixed. We have made changes and headway...great. 

THERE WILL ALWAYS BE INJUSTICE IN THE WORLD.  You have no right to manage victims, make it better for them by denying injustice exists or happened to them.  You have no right to medicate people out of processing thier truama or the INJUSTICES that occured in thier lives. This is victim witness intimidation.
You have no right to whine that victims advocating for thier rights or truth are ruining your good time or that they should just give up. Is that part of 'change'? 

This reminds me of the WWII generation and how they came home and wanted nothing but to 'forget'..which of course led to all kinds of messed up behaviors and practices that led to the 1960's.

You can be happy for changes that occur that are positive but never stop seeing reality for what it is as well as seeing injustices that still occur as valid.
And you will not fool some of us by gentrifying every neighborhood, hiding under banners of racial harmony and having PC be the new strict social etiquette. Reality exists outside the dome..or do you even recall what that is about? Or worse yet, have you even been outside the false environment you exist in?   If the answer is no then you are ignorant of what goes there...then you need not judge as you lack information.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The way I get "managed" is to increase the stalking and harassment, so I get beaten down even further. It looks very highly structured and organized, with many layers and handlers all over the place.

So far, the gaslighting consisted of me being:

* A druggie
* A thief (shoplifter)

It's very nice how the system sticks up for the people involved in this instead of letting the people around me think for themselves.

If I'm being accused of these things, then I can only wonder what the leaders are doing and getting away with. I guess the leader has to tell his underlings to go ahead and say these things, because he has to somehow justify the stalking and non-stop perping.

Note to the perps arranging this: your day is coming, sirs. Pretty soon you won't have to worry about your cowardice getting out of hand, because you'll be in jail where you belong, with the rest of your "buddies".