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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

THE most hysterical comment/TI advice I have ever read

its easy enough to stop. 3 simple steps. buy ... its easy enough to stop.

3 simple steps.

buy a real nice car. not a ford or hyundai. an old jag, or audi, or something.

make sure it is mint. take pictures.

leave it in your driveway.

when shit starts happrning to it, call the cops. every time. every single time.

explain to them each and every single time what caused you to be solicited in the first place.

if your guilty of what your beign stalked for, then just roll over and die. you deserve it.

if your not, do this

Publish Reject
By the way all my detractors and enemies think I am on my way out anway and are just waiting for time, in addition to what has been done to me, take its toll.  You must live in thier reality.

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downcastmysoul said...

What kind of perp shit left that comment?