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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Targets family's

You never know how deep this goes involving you never know exactly what they have been involved in or involved you in over the years.

So many of us have family in on these activities, from being perps to enabling perps to those of us with programming or mind control backrounds where the whole family is in denial to survive and mutliple persons may be either programmed or at least compartmentalizing events or the reality of what has gone on in the family.  If you are a 'runner' or someone who sees the truth or wont accept you place in the pecking order (like scapegoat for instance) then you are a severe threat to this kind of family.. think of this family as a business which is true in more ways than one sometimes. You are a security threat. These are the sorts of people who will never want to let the victim go or ever admit to what they have done or what the family is really about.  And you may have to pay for your honestly with your life.  Especially if they have done the presto chango psuedo reform thing where they place certain people in pedastals so as to redeem the family as they continue to pick on others still. These kinds of families are typically disfunctional and they need victims.. becuz they dont know how else to function.  Usually if there is a sexual perpetrator present, each family member will be acting out their own version of abuse, even if sex acts are not used as abuse, the intensity of energy is the same. This is why they call it 'intergenerational' abuse that is 'evil' (negative) in nature. It is the simple transference of energy from one member to the other.
My mother abused me with the same connections to sexuality that her father did to her, except without the sexual acts.  These families are extremely valuable to the slave/programming systems becuz of the energy that is so negative that is holding its members captive.  Sadly, often you will experience that these families have potential to be powerful healers and psychics..but that use of the energy is certainly not encouraged.  There is a feeling that the whole family is kept down in one way or another.

This is also why family members turning on one another is encouraged..who gains control? The outside system or handlers within the family-either members or people who marry into the family, who strangely resemble perps, seem to know alot about the family they shouldnt and also act as handlers by encouraging denial and keeping members down, abused or causing strife in the family.

The family itself is never allowed to heal. There must always be betrayal, hurt, abuse,  slavery, mocking, favoritism, neglect and most importantly denial. Individual respect is unknown in these families, nor is personal responsibility. A mocking of personal responsibility is often put forward in the form of scapegoating certain members while the members holding these people responsible or always claiming they are not good enough are playing the bully roles to the hilt.
The problem is often that the bully members abuse is so severe that they are compartmentalized and non self actualizing and/or them facing thier own abuse issues is impossible.  Often this is encouraged by the parents usually one of the original perpetrators who plays handler and keeps everyone down.

There is the marketing of failure as normal. Everything is always negative and very controlling.

My only advantage was having some DNA my single parent couldnt figure out, as well as my parent being so abusive it adds up to murder basically. I was left with little choice but to fight for my life in the end.  This should not have happened, especially since family members seemed to have knowledge of  the set up and gang stalking activities.  Inexcusable.
What do you expect from people who arent willing to die to fight oppression or are happy to live enslaved?   These types usually want a victim to suffer for them instead. And that someone is YOU, TI.

Often there is a scape goat scene just like in the bible..everyone feels that if they burden guilt, shame and negative energy onto the TI then itll make it better for everyone else. 
The bible is not a logical book and this aint the desert.  This is reality where debts must be paid by perpetrators  not sacrifices. 

They want to suck you in usually in this mind control cult fashion to believe that scapegoating someone to thier death or insanity is 'the way it is' or some b*llshit.   They are a collection of idiots and you should not serve them.

Usually families like this are very manipulative and controlling to the point of suffocating people to their deaths. Those deaths may be suicides or losing ones mind.

In my family there seems to be hatred for me on both sides. Jealousy abounds and the betrayals I have experienced would amaze you.  My parent is akin to a possesive stalker who everntually kills thier victim.
This person has an amazingly sadistic and sick sense of humor and often has found my harsh circumstances amusing.  This person has the elements of a true dominant as well as seeming to fit what would be hailed as satanic.  Its no wonder so many people are in on targeting TI's.  There is possibly an admiration for the perpetrators in the family by the system who see them as powerful. Its admirable by many people to kill your own child or to torture.  And in my case there is an element of sexualness involved to onlookers that they possibley find exciting as it is female on female violence.  Often the kinds of people perps are will get off an a woman abusing her own find this exciting in some way.  Unfortunatley, these types will admire the female who is strongest. 
It may also be a way for  a female being tortured to feel she is going to be let loose from torture herself by 'pleasing' they system of perps. 
Also, one of my other non family members who is in on this most likely is a powerful female, admired by many for being a near murderous bitch. Sick men will fall right into this as if it were a cat fight for them to watch.  They are men and this is one of thier weaknesses.
Also, in mc families someone is possibley connected in some way. 

There is so much cruelty from people who you dont even know, as if its normal, its got to come from some extrememely sinister source.  Your family is the core of this source, if they wanted to they could protect you but they have chosen not to. Why? what are they paying for? What do they not want exposed?  Why is the TI so damn expendable? 

Often in pedophle families there is extreme addictions to power, as you have noticed with pedophiles themselves.  This is the main motivator perhaps for them to destroy other family members.  Its called identifying with the aggressor.

I have heard TI's tell me that thier families believe them and other say they dont. Some say they suspect that they are in on it and some say out right that they are.

When it all goes down you are going to have to look at your family as part of  the gang stalking system, especially if they are overt about taking part and betraying you.
Then if you make it to some safety, once you realize you are a TI you are going to have to re evaluate a lifetimes worth of interaction with these people and realize that yes, they are victims but they are also dangerous to you perhaps always have been. 

You may have to abandon them, to never see them again becuz you have to start thinking of your OWN security.  I personally would have died if I stayed with my family as the abuse is so bad I always ended up on drugs, as most members did.  Also, as I was targeted and they seemed to know about it, a family member screamed at me one day " I WILL NOT BE CONDEMNED BY YOU" as I was starting to recall things from before the age of 6 and truly starting to see them for what they were. Also,  when I told this family member about the harassment, they said that it was probably part of the federal investigation of friends of friends and  it would cease once it was found I knew nothing.  Then for some reason, this member turned on me, got me alone in a car and asked if maybe I thought I was crazy like my father. However she denied this hours later in front of another family member.  Then this person went off in this direction, trying to convince other family members that I was mentally ill.  However, the same people throughout seemed to know alot about the harassment but wouldnt tell me directly. They said things like " Dont go into Brookline and Cambridge as itll be a war back and forth" and warning me never to tell my personal stories in meetings (NA) and "Thats your business".  Also one of my family members was amused by all this and was cooing I was 'very creative' and then stated that 'they' were afraid of me. 

I do not appreciate this witholding of information as it is the continued gaslighting of me by family as has always been the case.  Becuz they have lawyers and they had info that might have made my situation turn out favorable but chose to withold resources as well as info, along with thier very suspect treatment of me in the past  I will can never deal with them again.  
I am highly suspect due to being warned about certain family members by perps (!) who claim they are sick and that my families treatment of me is 'infamous'.  Within the gang stalking system I assume (which also makes me aware that this has indeed been ongoing for years as I suspected.)

My case is confusing as there seemed to be warring factions, like a few different groups of people trying to get rid of me for different reasons.   My family may have wanted to be helpful but since they are so comprimised I dont think that was even possible.   I sometimes suspect that they may be helping somehow with protection to keep me alive but there is so much a TI does not know. And the perps want you to think its everyone other than who really gave the orders.

So you have to size up your family according to the same way you would anyone else..if you want to live or stay out of being labeled.  Emotionally strangers can only do so much to you, blood relatives have keys to your insides that allow them the kind of access that can destroy if they are not responsible.

THis is insightful I find becuz it explains why the perps must gain intel on a TI that is ultimately intimate.

THere fore the gang stalking system can abuse you with info that makes it so they know you or everything about you.  Now, they want to appear to have 'keys' as well..always remember that they are copies.  You are dealing with people who dont know you, wish or think they do, and often the True key is that fact that they are of different DNA than you..they dont readily know how you think but they think they do.

THe beauty of the info war era we live in is that people quickly gather info and believe that alone will destroy.

A true artist knows better. Its the quality and no one but true intimates can hurt you.
THis  is also why intimates must betray you...and it has to be made to appear that the gang stalking system is stepping in for them or on thier lose touch with who was truly real to you and these positions are taken up by the gang stalking system and its players.
If you think about the gang stalking system its all very technological and strategic.  Like the behaviors of computers or diseases.

But its all illusion.  The people that sold you out most likely know what they did, will never admit to it or its benefits, and are being or have been advised readily never to do so.  Use this angle to your advantage-you'll know how.

You may have to get rid of your family as they have found it convenient to sell you out and betray you as well. If they are helping to torture you in anyway or denying that the system is real and you are being harassed you may have to just dump them.  For your own protection it may be necessary but that is up to you as a target, how valuable are they in the fight against the enemy?  Will they be allies or in the way or inadvertently help the advesary. 

Forced suicide is not a good option and your family will do what I have seen before which is at your funeral, stand there like they actually give a shit and say things like " At least so and so is not suffering now"..I will never be that assh*le in that coffin. The ultimate and final victim.

Screw families and every other intimate unless they are going to assist in the battle.


Anonymous said...

One thing to think about: the Bible has survived for 2000 years. But where are all the documents that detail the scientific/engineering innovations over the years?

Books detailing the design behind:

* The aquaducts
* The pyramids
* The Baghdad battery
* The Antikythera mechanism

The Bible has survived for thousands of years, however, and many religious types will attribute that to "well, that goes to show you how powerful our god is". That may be true. But it's obvious to me that one of the prevailing reasons is that rulers over the centuries have seen it as one of the many ways of keeping their subjects under their control. So of course, those great Kings (such as james) would have their scholars working for them carefully and painstakingly transcribing it. But as for the technological stuff I mentioned? Why haven't kings and queen had those documents searched/translated/preserved by their scholars? Afraid their subjects may turn the technology against them?

H H the Dalai Lama said...


Todays video (click twice new window)
Ektomorf - Its up to you [ 10 / 13] with Lyrics

just go ahead and do
Never ever be the fool
Don´t be their tool
You follow your heart
And be free
No matter what they do
It´s up to you!