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Friday, May 8, 2009

New Mex-moved on again

Needed to get away from heat...and needed better resources for writing.

I am going to stay in a shelter I previously stayed in until I can get into the nicer womens shelter.  And you know what is going to be my experience?  I am going to have no trouble at all..becuz I am telling them now right here that if there is undue drama or any targeting there will be trouble..for them that is.

So no idiots approaching me, no rumors about me having police connections (bust out laughing) or any other trouble making for me.  I predict I will be niiiiiccceee and comfy.

Also the woman who runs it just got promoted and they cleaned up the place since I left (!) it seems everything is in order. Lets have a nice time then shall we?  Fine.

Its hot here as well...probably move on again next month. 

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Anonymous said...

Here's something you'll find interesting:

Funny how enthusiastic they were in their quest to catch "predators", like they are some sort of vigilante group.

Could this be a typical modus operandi for groups like this, to operate under the cover of going after "pedophiles", while they themselves are engaging in it? Could this be a controlled way of engaging in pedophilia, while at the same time going after certain predators? maybe those predators are a threat to a possible group of organized sexual predators? Or maybe they just think unconnected predators are a danger to those networks of connected predators?