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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

radio shack on Mesa in El Paso lies--a phone that wasted my time

usually radio shack is pretty good but on Mesa in El Paso this woman told me that the $80 phone I wanted was now 100.. then she said that it would get youtube and blogger so i could manage my stuff on the road.


I went into youtube and it says it doesnt support streaming media..also it wont go into blogger as it says "bad security certificate"..just like on my cheap phone.
What is the point of having a keyboard if I cant write? I only bought the thing out of necessity.

I called Virgin and they were pissed..they told me she HAS to take it back at the store becuase she outright lied, also I found out that the phone I saw advertised was 80 and still is..the lady lied and talked me into a more expensive phone.  I am appalled at Radio Shack of that quality. I depend on this company to have geeky employees (as in techy people) who know more than everyone else about products..what cuz its near the border, employ the pregnant Mex chick? They better employ someone else becuz this bitch lies.   Now I have to wait another day to do what I was going to do today.  She wasted my time and I am sure when I go back she is going to try to waste my money and time by saying that I have to send the phone back..thats not what Virgin says about it.

I will post the way this is handled tomorrow. Radio Shack will get complaints if its not handled correctly.  I dont have time for this I  am a homeless activist and I depend on service people to get their sh*t together and give me what I need NOT SERVE THEM AND GET THEM THE COMMISION THEY WANT.


  1. Valisystem2015/5/09, 6:56 PM

    It always happens when you least need it doesn't it. and you need it among the least of all. Murphy's Law.

    Mobile phones to me seem almost synonymous with cons and con artists. Charges that keep racking up because you can't get hold of someone on the other side of it to cancel it, extra charges as with my neighbour C., who after he almost bought the one he wanted, was told it's compulsory to spend another 50 on...whatever the hell it was that was part of the 'deal'. I avoid it all like the plague - I'd only lose it anyway - a phone, as well as my temper - but clearly it's an
    essential item for you. I do have a landlne of course, but it's ALL compromised now, as far as I'm concerned.
    And the same with mobiles, and not just because you can be tracked.

    This is a very unfortunate event, and if it was me i would be wondering about the motivation behind it. Would they they cheat one of their own so readily?

    Those who care and can possibly assist you in any way, will, in any case.

  2. i dont think it was anything related to gang stalking..i think it is just the way our society is. The lesson is that this is why TI's seem to go off on regular daily bs like this becuz they are basically compartmentalizing the horrors that have been done to them that are so unfathomable. All that as well as the regular hassles of life.

  3. That's all they do is lie and fabricate tall tales. I'm sure you've noticed how they love to turnaround and paint YOU as the one who lied. And they're proud of that, for some odd reason. It's like "hee hee hee we're a bunch of smug idiots tormenting you hee hee hee". So proud of that, never wanting to actually be anything other than a bunch of lame schmucks.