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Monday, May 18, 2009

Changes in the targeting/gang stalking lately..New Mexico

What was the intrusive ideation stopped on Saturday. Just stopped.

Also I noticed that where I am staying alot seems to start at 6AM. A woman in there that I know from the homeless scene around, said to me "I think its interesting that we all just jump up at 6 AM." And I suggested mildly a few things and she responded in a way that indicated she is not a perp and not playing games.

So someone else notices that 6 AM there is something stirring.

It stopped Sat and I felt it was just eerie, Sunday was clear and its not been that way for a long time.

What has happened lately?
1) someone called the police on me when I was doing audio journals outside a convenience store I had gone into. They said I was drining. The cop was friendly even flirtatious, and was just doing his job. Becuz he wasnt a jerk, I made his job easier by giving my social instead of the MA code on the lic, the dispatch couldnt find it in the computers. He only wanted to check for warrants...actually he was going to just leave but I didnt want anymore BS while I was trying to work so I said go ahead and look me up. He was trying to see if I was drunk or nuts the whole time but that is his function.

2) I looked up INSEX.COM again on either Fri or Sat and realized that the gang stalking is jsut like what TI's get put through and I had looked it up on my phone not a public computer. I cant get it off this computer, but the address seems to be "www," and it comes up when I typed in "INSEX.COM". What was interesting was the first lines :"He patiently tests and trains each one. Teaches them to submit, to process thier pain, to accept thier fate.." It sounds exactly what targets go through. Especially the part about accepting one's fate.Then if you click on it there is a piece about a woman named Tyler, who "..faces interrogation, electro-torture, and forced orgasms. She is prepped for her ordeal with a sack chained about her neck and her hands shackled to her side..."

There is a difference between wanting a fantasy and having someone take away your freedom in real life. A BIG LEGAL DIFFERENCE. This sounds like what TI's go thru all the time.

3)UNM closed as of SUN til JUNE 8 for interim.. I went to use the computers and there was nothing open. No students, just older guys playing hockey near the sub, some families enjoying the campus. It was so quiet in some way.
If universities and colleges are participating, then there could be something to this as far as what seems to be tech stopping.

Of course while this was going on I would get the harassment that is like people terrorizing me moreso.. freak out stuff.

Now it seems that the stalking or surveillance has started just as the other drops off. People in trucks and cars doing obvious stake outs when you are waiting somewhere and today some young gang wanna bes were right behind me and a woman talking having a of them jsut got behind her and I felt like saying 'do you want to sit somewhere?' trust me I know when someone is spying and being obvious. And that has been the whole thing today..all day. To make it obvious I am being watched and stalked again.

Which makes sense becuz when one doesnt have control one way one must have it another. This is not paranoia..I have been through this long enough to know as well as dealt with two stalker boyfriends...which gave me learning experience, not paranoia. Someone providing protection would not need to let me know that I was being watched for my protection. This is more intimidation.

This is the reality of TI's situations and I want you to see it for what it is..

So perhaps this has changed due to someone somewhere finding where I am through the social being run thru the cops computers and stepping in OR someone is very nervous about being discovered as abusing these technologies for rich perverts.(and people who want to get rid of a person as well).

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Anonymous said...

Gangsatalking has reached epidemic proportions. The combination of electronic harassment and stalking is a difficult fight. We are finally making some headway against it though. See for a book on the technology and a published account of a victim.