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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The big 'THEY'

Years ago a suspect family member was making fun of another close family member.  He was talking about conspiracy fantasies (conspiracy theories, which are represented as fantasies by the general public, some rightly so and others show merit) and he commented by blaming " The big 'They'"..that this is what all these sorts of paranoid kooks are claiming, that there is a big 'they'. 

I was always to demanding of myself and others to provide facts and some sort of sanity to thier leads so I never used 'they' becuz really it does sound paraniod and why would one have to resort to a vague, generalizing comment like 'they' if one could identify the parities involved or was attempting to?

As the stalking and harassment became 24/7 and there was the federal investigation around a friend of a friend people around me starting using this term. I was targeted and suffering from mycotoxicosis and there were other things being done to me to help string me along and mind control me really.  So I was so confused and damaged that I jsut went through this and as everyone around me talked of 'They' I just went along with the info I didnt ask questions the way I do now. This is the power of organized stalking...its mind control (brainwashing) and serves to almost trance the person into complicity. If you know the way the trick is done you no longer fall for it or into a trance. I dont mean literally a heavy trance but a state of complicty..this has to do with other things about my situation anyway.

My psychiatrist of many years who simply was trying to treat anxiety and depression (now I know the real reasons why anyway) with sedatives, and did little with me as far as psychology, though in crisis she would talk to me longer.. after hearing about the fed investigation and surveillance a psych at a hospital tried to mess with me by asking my psych " are you sure she isnt psychotic?" and my dr. assured her I wasnt.  But as we went along she said to me "THEY need to know someone is advocating for you". 

My own mother said when I returned from my first road trip "THEY are afraid of you" (with a creepy amount of pride involved). Then my grandmother said "..and there is no guarentee THEY will stop following you" and then told me not to go into Brookline and Cambridge becuz then it would just be "a war back and forth".

Then there was the last boyfriend who told me 'they' were keeping me down and to let 'them' know I simply wont be intimidated.

A girl in a hospital told me "THEY are mad at you becuz you're not accepting your situation"..(giving in to being intimidated).  And she was a perp believe me, there was a whole little group in there.

Then there was a hotel clerk who was reluctantantly involved who warned me that 'they' are trying to gather information.

One day, I would love to know who the big THEY is..what gets me about this is that everyone around me seemed to know who 'they' were, I mean everyone must have known to keep referring back to this term. Why is it no one tells the victim what is transpiring? As well as most of these people either perped me for reward in the end or turned on me..for whatever thier reasons.

How does this word sound as an identifier of the situation:  UNACCEPTABLE. 

The afore mentioned shananigans (I dont want to hear it -I like this old fashioned Boston Irish word and I am going to keep using there) is part of getting the Target away from his or her own identity. Isolation as well. It starts this way and this way and ends up with the person being a TI or another object or label..just as 'THEY' this or 'THEY' that. How can someone be so stupid? Becuz they make sure they use people you trust on the first levels to gaslight you this way to ensure that you fall into the hands of the perps later on....also this may be a pre cursor to trying to label you. 

In fact this is ALL gang stalking by definition. Everyone is treating you like a dumbed down child and no one is being helpful, and EVERYONE AROUND YOU HAS SUPERIOR INTEL THEY ARE UTILIZING while keeping you in the dark..the question should be how can everyone around you be so stupid not the target.  There are only a few reasons why people would do this to someone.

They feel they are ultimately better than you or worth more than you.
They feel they arent doing anything wrong and youll be fine..(usually such people are in denial)
They want money or power or position way more than they give a shit about you living dying or suffering
They have much to hide and to answer for...


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Anonymous said...

Interesting isn't it how gang stalking reveals the sickness of the perps...all the while they are stupidly thinking the whole thing is about revealing YOUR weaknesses. Revealing YOUR pain and anger and defeat. Yet they are doing it to themselves and I bet many of them realize it (and self loathing is a given with these peeps). Dumb and soul blind (or is it soulless?). Either way if anything the true stregnth of the TI just enrages these weaklings.