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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Double Standards For US War Crimes


Anonymous said...

Dr. Phil [May 26, 2015]: "I Hear Voices in My Head but I'm Not Mentally Ill !"(Full Episodes)

I noticed Dr. Phil got kinda nervous when the interview subject said "ever heard of electronic harassment"? He believes he has been implanted with a chip. Interesting, because a lot of TI's who are religious will mention the Bible and relate the implantation of chips to the accepting the "mark of the beast in Revelation".

Oh, the woman at 11:95 "it's all mental. He is not being harassed". This woman does act like a lot of perps, dismissing any claims of sophisticated electronic harassment as schizophrenia. And she does it in a very childish manner, just like a lot of perps. And how does she know "it's all mental"? Is she a psychaitrist or doctor, or has she been informed as to what is going on, and she is using the stock denial syndrom "Oh it's all in your head. Nobody is harassing you".

The most troubling part about all of this is how childish they act when they are dismissing claims of electronic harassment. And they always seem so weak, as though they could never put up with electronic torture, and aren't capable of relating to the target. They just think it's some harmless little thing that they are doing to targets.

Anonymous said...

Interesting video, the Dr. Phil episode. They do threaten targets' families. No wonder they gain the cooperation of everyone around the target: they threaten to kill everyone who doesn't cooperate. And what do they tell the perps they send after targets? That they better do exactly as instructed, or they will kill their families?

I suppose a lot of this is intimidation. They operate mostly on intimidation and fear. And targets mostly are tougher than perps and they aren't as likely to be scared off by the main perps and their tech toys.