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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Left University Hospital Brackenridge. Kept Me Waiting Took Lesser Cases

The staff and cops in there sat there for the last 2.5 hours while i suffered thru labored breathing while they took alot of other people before me.

And there was a guy there who complained of trouble breathing for two days but he seemed fine.

He was even ok to ask a person in a wheelchair if they need help and wheel them around the waiting room.

He was doing gesturing tactics the entire time while standing perfectly normally as well as chatting with other patients.

I think that UT Medical is the place cops bring prisoners as there was a guy in there with a policeman. I overheard the cops saying they got "sucked into excessive use of force" with the guy. Perhaps a valid complaint but to air such a gripe in such an unprofessional manner in a public place is appalling and disgusting.

Back home no cop would ever allow the public to know anything going on much less what he was thinking.

There was a lady in the rest room who eaited a long time after using bathroom and it seemed was waiting for me to get out of stall.

When i did she positioned herself to the side of me as if trying to be aggressive then made sure she threw the paper towel on the floor instead of the trash on her way out. All so i could see.

Betryal of professional trust and faith as well as causing chaos seems to be the m.o. of the people in that ER.

Right after she left a cleaning lady appeared and I told her about the lady in scrubs.

I was afraid she had made the bathroom a mess so i would get blamed and that induced more stress.

When i decided to leave due to realizing they had taken that guy who was full of sh*t and doing tactics as we as others before me, i looked into the faces of people waiting and there were lots of African Americans giving mw that cold, evil, arrogant, obnoxious look that gang stalking perps use to intimidate a Target.

So dont go to University Medical Center Brackenridge in Austin TX if you are a Targeted Individual.

I will take the mean African American male nurse at the other place.
All I had to do was give him a bad review. The doctors seem to try there and I never get any crap from the front desk people.

No more cop or university hospitals.

Ive experienced this before in certain hospitals. They are trying to minimize what ever duress And medical issues i go thru by waiting.

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