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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Marked Police Vehicles Stalking All Over Austin As Of May.

(Who parks on a highway?)
Marked police vehicles seem to be doing stalking around Austin just since May.
May begins Austin's tourist season. This also began once I got serious about finishing my community service.

It seems awfully attention seeking but Austin has a flare for the dramatic. Posting such a thing also serves to make me appear paranoid as well as anti police becuz its marked vehicles.

Recall my recent post about how LEGIT cops showing up in an area forces this system to cease and dissist. Ive also posted that most TIs have experienced stalking and harassment from all First Responders and I personally have noted that in certain areas like Boston my hometown a natural or weather disaster seems to stop the technologies as well as most of the gang stalking. Its as if the tech is diverted to deal with a national or state emergency which lines up with harassment from First Responders and any other Homeland Security darlings.

This wud only occur when I was in northern part of Austin near downtown and UT, around state hospital and military base. Now its very frequent on a daily basis.

Its obviously intimidation and it is alot like what was going on in Cambridge with the black detective car.

Mostly its a sentiment that falls into line with what alot of people around Austin have been trying to brainwash me with: no one cares about you and your plight.

Its also diversionary. Recall many people (always males) telling me that my activism for being a TI and Survivor of mind control gives my life meaning. Its like a standardized insult for me as a Target. "It gives your life meaning".
And these are street kids in Cambridge or other random people.  Such a viscous piece of psychological warfare must be very meaningful to the perpetrators.
And so these bait-and-waits are to ensure I keep busy doing this instead of finding lawyers or creating artwork.

Dont know what motive is. Dont care.


baustin said...

They use to do it to me too! Jade helm is suppose to be there soon be careful

Anonymous said...

I was getting police sitting laying in wait when I got done with my shift and I was out for a walk. Didn't see one car pulled over, no arrests being made, but he'd be sitting there, and after I passed him on foot, he pulls out. To make it look like I was a troublemaker, and to intimidate me. Also, when perp cops do this, I get overcome with a feeling of fear. It seems remote influence is used in conjunction of them sitting there waiting for you. That's for the perp cops, not the "legit duty" cops. That's why as TI's, it's a two-part process: the normal cops doing traditional law and order stuff, where you feel relief, and the perp cops, working for them, where the system is using them in addition to remote influence to intimidate you.

And in general, a lot of people working for the system are "pussy obsessed". That's why they're trying to strip your mature womanhood from you and attempting to turn you into an immature tramp, like the other women who stalk you.

Anonymous said...

Perps saying these things are just throwing their lives away. Just like a lot of perps leave shit everywhere and intimidate targets: to give their lives meaning. At least you're doing something meaningful and not throwing your life away like the perps.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting tired of this. One way to combat this is to keep the bitches honest. Go to the local police dept. where he was from, and show them this video. Tell them he was putting commuters at risk by parking on the highway when he had no probable cause whatsoever. Tell them the time and date it occured so they can discipline the bum.