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Friday, May 15, 2015

Getting Hit Hard In Austin S. Congress-Making Comm Serv Hours For Probation and Lawyer Intervention Seems To Have Gotten Me Retaliation

Made emergency vid not enough battery to post.

Got slammed on South Congress by gang stalking. Place called Guero's taco place totally out of control with perps. Just sitting on the street. Never saw so much gs action in this area of Austin. Ever since May its become a nightmare. Prob connected to tourist season (starts in May here).

I found two places to do community service. One I gave my activist info to and staff stopped harassment. I still get perps but its doable.

I start volunteering at a place tomorrow that will reflect the fair diplomatic not so racist caring person i am.

This coupled with the fact that my lawyer in Boston had to intervene and get my original 35 hours i did months ago finally sent to my probation officer (someone was either lying or a third party made sure the faxes never got where they were supposed to.)...the system is pissed off.

Ive been targeted more heavily than i ever have here in Austin as of tonite and the results were not good. All i can do is document it.

They seem to be ok here when i am just being homeless and wasnt doing my hours for probation. It got worse tonight as if to make me resent going to that place tomorrow. I even got stuck acting out late in a part of town im never usually in. Alot of uncontrollable aggression. Use of sexual arousal and of course this is what leads to self injury and suicidal ideations both of which i got tonight.

Ihad to hold on with all my Will and clasp my hands in a fist TO NOT SELF INJURE. Ive never gotten the urge to self injure inAustin nor have i been especially aggressive.

Theres also been more perps than ive ever encountered.

I have good people here helping me and some good influence and whoever does the harassment is tryng to counter that.

They genuinely wanted me to default on probation and never be able to leave the USA. They actually act like they deserve this result at MY expense. It is the most arrogant thing i have ever seen.

In Boston they were always a little bit cautious like perhaps afraid of some consequences or dirt i have on people.

Here they just do not give a damn and arent afraid to overtly come after me. The community seems full of haters who like to watch this kind of stuff or have no ethics.

I will post vid when i can.

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