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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Did I Mention Austin Is The Most Disrespectful, Arrogant, Evil Place Ive Ever Been? (But They Made Me Realize The US Is Hopeless, For Which I Am Thankful)

Austin has been a big disappointment.

It's ridiculously sexist and that makes doing anything difficult.
The entire population does not take what Im doing in seriously nor has ANY respect at all for me, what Ive been through or my valiant effort to defend myself and my country.

They seem to be very pro-America types and by that i mean the new America. Supporting business and the complexes not America as it was originally designed.

They cant stop focusing or hating my gypsyish type clothing. Its as if anything resembling gypsy or hippie even if you are a metal head, is an instant threat to the TX way of life and value system.

The street people exist to drink and take speed. They will sell you out and work against you in order to gain something or just the boys club looking cool for screwing over a woman thing.

In Harvard Square we have kids who are political and were at the front lines of OCCUPY (as lame as that movement was).
I guarentee you none of the street people in Austin are on a terrorist list.

A choice few are solid. Most of them are two faced pieces of crap. They live for TX and American values becuz it allows them to lay around and drink beer as well as going up against the system is just too much work.

95% of the human beings I cross paths with on a daily basis in Austin seem to know who I am.

If anything Austin TX has made me realize why I wanted to leave America. It exemplifies everything wrong with the United States.

The REAL Mexicans are fine to deal with. Its the uptight, wanna be white types who seem to be complete uppity, insecure and mean.

Mobbing is easy here bz the herd instinct is incredibly strong.
And being Texas I guess they see nothing wrong with civil or human rights abuses thus their lovely privatized corporate prison system.

The lack of old money values is hard to deal with. Where I come from you would be showing everyone how not upper class you are by mocking a store clerk publicly. Snobbery replaces any sense of class in Austin. Its appalling how crass people are here.

The YUPpies and posers I deal with all day long outside of downtown seem like the worst people Ive ever experienced in America.

What is so baffling to me is that the whole city seems to think i, my predicament and my activism are a joke. This is the part i can't figure out.

Is the entire city Satanic? If so there are the most boring Satanists Ive ever seen which would totally align with the awful trendy Satanism thats been being pumped out to the public in past decade, as a form of cult mind control.
Ever meet real Satanists? Are they THIS annoying? Is their energy THAT weak and pathetic and in need of 'the herd'? Nope.
So what are these people then?

Christian extremists? Aliens?

Or just people, exemplifying the reason why all the world hates the US now and showing just the kind of greedy, selfish, obnoxious, self serving action and attitude that is doing damage in many other parts of the world.

In Boston they are either hateful of me, afraid of me or a bit stressed but sure of their ability to stop what I am trying to do.
Yet all the while theres a sense of wrongdoing-they understand what is being done is illegal and ethically wrong.

Austin TX doesnt have such filters. Its shocking to me That so many people can be so shitty in one location at once.
Maybe these are mostly military people or psy ops or not normal population in some other way.
It is the capital of TX. Maybe they made sure 80% of the people living here were agents or in on the intelligence agencies somehow as anti terrorism.

Its been very depressing to have an entire city hate you, mock you and disregard years of suffering as well as hard work in self defense.

I think TX lives by slavery still. People dying for them and slaving for them to make them successful or wealthy.
I think people in Austin are spoiled becuz theres no violence. I realized for a city full of bars there are NO bar fights unlike Boston where skirmishes and public drunkenness are part of the culture-so is self defense.

Theres no consequences here for acting like an asshole. In reality they are YUPpies bottom line. They pose as creatives etc. I think Austin is full of INDUSTRY creatives not eccentric, mercurial creative genius types. That seems to make them uncomfortable and start off the herd mobbing mentality.

Austin is jealous. Austin has alot of suppressed female jealousy i find both laughable and ridiculous. Austin discourages sisterhood.

Austin is a boys town with pick up trucks, revving engines and screeching tires pulling out of stop lights, seemingly used as daily psychological warfare on the public so as to secure male dominance and maintain testosterone levels.

The people here cannot stop focusing on my past before being targeted becuz I guess its better than focusing on their major contribution to US war crimes and civil, human rights abuses domestically.

No one cares about me here. No one respects me or is afraid of me. There are too many sexist pig males who laugh at abuse of females and far too many fat pig miserable women willing to attack the same victims as their pathetic men.

There are nice people in rich neighborhoods outside the city area. But most of Austin hates me and doesnt take me seriously, im a perpetual joke.

Becuz they know the US or even TX will never have to pay for their crimes.

Which opens my eyes to the reality of the United States.
Whereas other places have wasted my time with hope TX makes me realize how hopeless the country has become and how much greedy, overweight stupid, military loving American jealous f*cks and their scrawny, mediocre YUPpie-Hipster counter parts are happy as pigs in sh*t living under these conditions, being bribed and bought off with cheap materialism while destroying the rest of the world.

Im no longsr confused about how evil and sick the United States is. How much they anyone who threatens their slavery which they love so much as long as they have self delusion ans iPhones.

TX has given me the gift of 'fuck the United States' once and for all.

Every major city is now a cesspool of dumbed down culture populated by Hipsters, YUPpies and their black or Mexican house slaves often with third world shitty immigrants serving to ensure none of the white folk who would stand against the elite or corporate America get jobs.

Its probably the same in other parts of the world. The NWO demands compliance from all over. Yet I get the feeling that theres parts of the world where people like me are resisting.

I need to find those places. There are NONE here in the USA.

Im sick of serving as a source of amusement for Mexican males, smug street drunks and as a way for insecure, fat unhappy working Mexican women to feel better about themselves or to serve as validation for the dumb white bitches here who believe they are very clever.

TX doesnt have to care about anything. They have lots of land and lots of money.
They are hateful, childish, cheap, scamming, stupid people who create an environment of male sweat laden competition where no one can get a moments peace....unless they can display a sign of social superiority or acceptability.

There has to be some real Christians here or some decency becuz i can at least get my community service done. But my morale and sense of self are being completely trashed.

Perhaps becuz the tech isnt as strong as other places they do more stalking and harassment.

I cant wait to leave TX and never return and finally realize the US will never be a decent place to live.

Its evil and was never my country. I now feel like Ive never been a US citizen. Ive never been treated like one.

Why shouldnt I go elsewhere?

Austin has shown me that the US is a murderous, calllous evil giant who laughs at its victims and Ive been here 20 years too long.

I dont want to waste anymore of my life here.

People think im going to stay becuz America is safe. Yet its emotionally and spiritually very dangerous. The place is a destroyer.

Theres no getting the US back again.

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