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Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Man In The Photo At Laundromat Doing Gesturing Tactic- Use of Pavilion Behavioral Psychology In Organized Stalking And Harassment Of Targeted Individuals

The guy in the laundromat doing gang stalking harassment, look hes even doing a tactic it looks like. He may have been just rubbing his head but when he cost me that piece of writing he was obviously doing gesturing.

The main tactical gesturing now that it seems Ive been anchored with are:

-running hands over side of head. For women its hair over the ears. For men its an awkward touch or runnjng of hand over head over ear area. Males are more awkward i think becuz they want it to be obvious they are gesturing. With women its harder to tell yet they do things to make it obvious.
Acting very uppity and haughty as multiple women tuck their hair behind their ears at the same time. Its ALWAYS accompanied by nasty shitty attitudes towards me the Target. They will also put women in front of me or across a street or in places I will notice just so they can perform this tactic. Usually the women are shapely and dressed up oftrn young but not always.
They look as attractive as I did in my 20s and often are dressed up as I always was back then.

This Hair Over The Ear tactic or head tap with some males began after I shaved my hair off last summer in Oregon.
This is a direct reference to my lack of long hair and also an attack on my lacking femininity in past few years (out of necessity as traveling has become rougher and conditions more difficult, resources and welcoming areas more scarce).

I had to shave my head due to the guy I was with in OR his son having some sort of thing that wasnt lice but kept making my scalp feel creepy crawly. His son had recurring lice but I never presented with it. It may have evolved into that. It was also hot there and it cooled me off. Its a common look among Travelers anyway but the local perps made sure I heard them say "..and she had to do it, because if lice". A woman actually shouted this at someone else in a parking lot at a bus station outside Portland. Classy, eh?

And they are also utilizing the traumas of that time period. This is where I had an abortion and OHSU messed me up really bad. It took almost two years to be able to walk again normally due to severe lower back pain after a hemmorage two weeks post abortion. I posted about it. I suspect they did other nasty things with nanotechnology I won't get into.

I posted a few months ago that in the MIT library in Cambridge MA when I started looking up lawyers to sue OHSU in Oregon as I was still suffering a year later, the MIT police had an unusual walk thru of the Rotch library and performed obvious and sufficient intimidation to have me forget the idea.

This tactic is also backed up with clerks sometimes referring to me as 'sir' and its done on purpose and that is made obvious. This insult also utilizes intergenerational damages from MK Ultra related harassment as my mother used to complain about people also referring to her as 'sir' often times over the telephone. What makes this tactic even more obvious as harassment is that ever since its been in use as part of the reference to my having cut my hair off, only now do I ALSO get called 'sir' over the phone by service persons, which did not happen previously and is odd, becuz over a phone one cannot see my appearance.

I get called 'sir' when I'm wearing a dress which is ridiculous. The perps refer to me as 'sir' then immediately, too quickly change it to 'maam'.

So this hooks into traumatic circunstances and also uses intergenerational intimidation as harassment.

This is also why women are used who are either young and attractive or fat older and ugly.
Its punishment for not keeping up with expected social norms as well as reminding me what this system took from me by way of years of my life. Its a way to continue behavior modification. To push me to clean up etc and settle down somewhere. Ugly fat women doing this is humiliation by putting society's lower ranking females above me in status simply becuz they aren't targeted.
Both are intimated as being better than me...if only I would CONFORM right? (And give up activism, revenge etc).

When males run their hand across their heads its pure intimidation. Its real obvious too when BALD GUYS do this. Like last night at 7-11 on S Congress when they didn't expect me and the late night Mex tattoed guy is talking to this raggedy African American guy hanging out at the counter. You should have seen the fear in his eyes as I walked in and out of sheer nerves he put ran his hand in a long stroke over the right side of his head, with his head down sheepishly and his eyes on me. The black guy had fear in his face but it was partially a look of trying to hide under a happy-ass fake smiling face, which of course him being black pissed me off even more. I immediately lost all respect for the Mex cashier who in every previous interaction never pullled that crap and was respectful.
I guess the company he was keeping influenced him. Gross.

Bald guys doing this as well as men doing head taps is pretty overt. Its mostly the women I mentioned. And its done like 500 times a day around Austin . One of the reasons it works so well is becuz it can be confusing as to whether its gang stalking gesturing or just young women genuinely playing with or fixing their long hair.

I also now believe there is an attempt to push me into lesbianism even though thats not my true sexual nature. Ive read many years ago that this system tries to alter or modify a Target's sexual orientation or preferences. Straight to lesbian or gay, adult to pedophilia, same race to race mixing etc.
It seems like a prize for them if they can traumatize and brain wash you into changing your true Self in anyway.
Especially deeply personal things.

-The second tactic thats used now is the long running Wallet Tap or back pocket tap.
Variations of this are side taps which are especially used when passing me the TI quickly. A side tap can be seen from the front. Often males will hit their sides in an obvious manner with a swat, one handed.
Both a genders employ this when Im behind them standing or walking by performing what looks like a man chekcing on his wallet in his back pocket but there is no wallet or anything there, often not even a pocket.
Women do a variation of this by pulling on one side of their t shirts in a manner and with timing that ensures I will notice it as a tactic. Pulling down your shirt is one thing but doing this so close to a wallet tap is obvious.

This has been in use for a few years, ever since they realized they found something that finally worked-that I could be anchored with (this is all Pavlovian behavioral psychology bring used).
The intimiation is that i have no money, that I seek money from males and that I am now always under suspicion of being a thief due to having a backpack and being homeless.

What bothers me is that in Austin it seems to be being perverted, like sexualized. Women are actually grabbing the bottom of their ass cheeks when in shorts. The man in the photo did the same in his Wrangler jeans by drawing attention to his buttocks and behind area. Its as if they are trying to turn it into something else like perhaps an attempt at humiliation?

Often people will perform both in what looks like a ritual action. As in ritualized gesturing like its done as a ritual action by the perps for the group against their common enemy, the Target.

Since so many people are doing this now in public spaces it serves to isolate me almost completely from society.

It also serves as constant diversion, brainwashing, attempted behavior modification as well as keeping me a traumatized, controllable child-at 44 years old.

MK Ultra was notorioua for regression by any means even brain damage. Its a phase the experimentee has to reach before repatterning of the personality. It's part of behavior modification.

The man in the photograph was doing overt gesturing right after he cost me an hour of writing by doing something very overt insulting and distracting...that almost got him killed.

Do they even warn these people about who and what the Target is? How many od these people doing this understand programming to an extent that they know what the Target is made of?

From my experience here in Austin they don't understand beyond "sex slave" which has very little to do with high level programming.

The jerks behind getting rid of Survivors dont care as long as the system serves to get rid of us.

The people doing the harassment have knowledge of programming on different levels but they have very little understanding.

How could they? The people involved on those levels are like math professors and geniuses who worked for IBM etc and computer programmers.

My experience here in Austin and my last experiences in Cambridge lead me to believe that gang stalkers are simply hateful, vindictive people who are used to destroy Targets but other than that have very little control over anything else.

The guy in the photo was older with white hair and moustache. Glasses. Green shirt.

Ive been reluctant to post about the gesturing used in my campaign becuz it seems like in the past after I do so alot of nobodies copycat off of the info in this blog and the harassment activity increases.

Is this what is done with disgarded obsolete military hardware nowadays? Its thrown to the ignorant general public as a toy? So they can destroy it?

Well such people certainly are good at being apes that violently destroy things they dont understand fully.
Nothing like being thrown to the peadants outside the castle walls eh?

I think not. Im going to keep myself together and away from the idiots and leave so i can get harassed by a better class of people in a culture i actually like.

Whats priceless is when fat miserable old lady perps say things like "Wherever she goes its not going to be any different. People are the same everywhere." (AZ last year).

Seriously? You perps consider yourselves the normal level of people populating the planet? With so many in your ranks being sex offenders, criminal opportunists, fake Christian Cause Stalkers and generally the dregs of humanity regardless of your demographic?

Then we really DO need to reduce the population by 90%.

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Anonymous said...

If you reduced the idiots and assholes and deviants that went along with this shit, the population would indeed be very low. You'd be left with a smaller group of nicer, high-quality people that you can live with and would leave you alone. But wait... these companies with Rich CEOs that operate sweat shops in 3rd world countries would have nobody to buy their products! Wahh.

My situation is, I am a target, with a Master's degree, but the market is saturated with yuppie types with advanced degrees, who get into good schools only because they train hard for entrance exams for grad school. And with fewer people, there'd be room for me to work at a decent job instead of slaving away at UPS. They really favor the most one-dimensional people (yuppies) that are able to do a given task the best and most-efficient without being a threat to upper level management and ownership people (i.e. CEOs) and who don't seek outside info and just keep their nose in their work and slave and do exactly and only what they're told.

If I graduated in the 60's with a master's degree, I certainly would be set for life with a good job. What happened? Population has boomed, giving rise to more yuppie types with advanced degrees who look sexy on paper because of their extensive work experience. Meanwhile, I can't get hired, because I didn't sell out just to get "experience".