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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Monday, May 25, 2015

COINTELPRO (FBI Program Using African Americans Against Activist Groups) In Furgeson, MO

This is an example of why getting sucked into this diversion isnt productive. Police are still the creepy, militarized stooges they were during Bush.
And it doesnt surprise me that they wave at people filming them and then commit acts like this.

This is also why African Americans cannot be trusted as the holy keepers of civil rights that people naively perceive them as.
Most non blacks and many black people dont know the deeper stories of civil rights and all that happened.

And as usual PC has NO PLACE in the warzone with covert activity and classified projects. YOU CANNOT JUDGE THINGS BY NORMAL STANDARDS and you cannot trust ANYONE until of course you are sure of them and even then they can turn.
Actually, trying to make use of people you know are already comprimised seems most useful.

What they are doing overtly now is what they've been doing covertly over the Bush years and beyond. To cause chaos and divert from other issues they dont want the public to focus on.

These people have absolutely no problem killing anyone if its useful to them. They use black ghettos for a number of purposes to begin with. Do you honestly believe they would hesitate to waste a black male in order to start a riot or diversion? Or kill a mentally ill homeless man?

Also, it might be that certain police are brainwashed or chipped or both. This could cause overly aggressive behavior.

When u understand and accept mind control, programming and mass mind control you no longer are surprised, confused or angry.
Just very cautious from then on.
Dont expect the most evil sects to change. They never will.
But to know how the tricks work is to no longer be fooled or a potential victim.

Btw when I was in Soulard a part of St. Louis, MO in 2008 I saw the 'choas people' there. East St Louis was THE most violent city in the United States that year.

I was hit with something one day, in a campaign of daily torture for months in winter that was some of the worst I'd ever experienced. (Hayden was head of CIA). I was young, strong and still full of hormones. Whatever they use to make people snap into lone shooters ITS BASED IN HUMAN SEX HORMONES and a history of sexual abuse which the harassment/mind control system works off of to cause the person to snap. I barely made it out of 'going out with a bang' suicide-lone shooter as an end to my life while there.
It seems ESTROGEN saves people from snapping.
I was ovulating and that takes TESTOSTERONE. Arent lone shooters usually male?

Just days later, a black male went into the city hall and shot the mayor and a police officer.
Locals and the news said he was from a better off black neighborhood that whites and officials were trying to take from blacks and gentrify. They were using parking space and tickets etc to start a harassment campaign.
Racial tactics in MO are things that people from the northeast wouldn't tolerate happening.

So MO is messed up to begin with. And you can't tell me that wasnt coincidence.
Its not pleasant to be lighting a cigarette on a gas stove and look into the blue flame and almost...almost, fall into choosing going out that way is 'the only way out'.
I know testosterone was a factor becuz back then i still had strong hormonal phases or cycles and during some ovulations depending on location, I would either go into a heat type state, almost like turning into a werewolf or vampire or animal yet in this location the testosterone made me begin to percieve the world as a male would. I became more curious about what was going on outside, wanted to go mingle in the streets, wanted to dominate and was not intimidated or afraid of the way the city and streets are built. (Cities arent built FOR or BY women in case you didn't know that. Everyday is a struggle through boys world for us.)
I also had an urge i used to get sometimes, to go out and conquer and take over small countries if possible lol. Ah the mysteries of DNA.

I could feel the 'maleness' posess my body and urges as it happened sometimes that way.
That is when this very strange male view of death by violence became apparent. Yet being in a woman's body somehow prevented it.

I saw The Gremlins as I call them everywhere in the area. A man in a high ranking policeman's uniform learing at me out of a truck, marked police cars doing overt tactical stalking using the car which is scarier than you can imagine becuz they have training.

Two cops giving me a ride then trying to intimate I was "in trouble", a tactic they used at first to try to get me to either work for them or go ratting to the fed and get myself killed (a common method of getting rid of MK Ultra kids who can be comprimised in some way and they make sure all mind controlled people are involved with such people life long if possible. They get pissed and come after you when you DON'T want to be part of an underworld of crime or immorality.)

Security guards on trains. Clerks in stores (this is the place where they kept targeting me as if I was Jewish but Im not which has always confused me ).
The fire dept was ridiculous, helping with noise campaigns by having multiple drive bys per day with sirens. Once they drove by the apartment building and one looked up learing, just like the man dressed as a police seargent.

I dare claim that in this location I even saw a group of the black helicopters. Copters went overhead in swarms sometimes as a part of the noise campaign at nite.

This is also the location I got virtually waterboarded as a helicopter stayed in place right overhead the vacant apartment building the owner let me stay in.

As the process went of making the person being interrogated believe they are going to die anyway so might as well tell the truth, once the person manning this copter got the answer to the question 'what is your ultimate intention here?' it seems he did not like the answer he got becuz it did not fit in with the answers his superiors wanted for their frame up of me.
I got this impression that the entire thing was to be denied or junked as if it did not occur the way it did.

Military people know when an answer isnt right even if its the truth by the way officers react to that information. They know to change that answer or to say they dont know what happened.

In the center of my mind all I wanted was to get revenge for my family and honor the spy from Russia who died from uranium poisoning becuz he is the one who warned all of us..whatever you call us, MK Kids, that the system was coming after us. That hidden under the war effort and post 9-11, there was going to be a clean up operation. To destroy us and now we see get rid of anyone whos a threat to the NWO.
That was my ultimate intention.

Uh,with all that going on in St Louis people might want to consider that the authorities there are beyond evil and capable of ruthless violence in the interest of getting results. It was like a completely lawless place..yet it was in the USA. It was so strange.

Virtualizing reality to create battlefields right under people's noses. That can exist covertly, hidden right alongside 'normal' daily reality.

Oh and former LT Michael Aquino psy ops officer, former co founder of COS and founder of the Temple of Set, had an address there for years as well as some training facility-which I found out years too late.

See now why these advances in science and technologies are dangerous? Perhaps there was legit reasons for their existence at that time but when people are gaining info by horrible forms of interrogation and dont accept the answers they get it could be becuz they are really trying to frame an inconvenient victim witness. That use of all this is for special interests not legit warfare.

Have I informed you enough about why Missouri is a totally messed up, evil, scary place to begin with?

Furgeson does not surprise me at all. Its what The Gremlins do.

America's challenge is to wake up to the fact they exist and they have dangerous toys, ways, means and an endless supply of useful idiots working for them in population.

Then you can live in reality, peacefully becuz you wont be fooled or caught off guard.
I mean they ALWAYS find ways to catch you off guard but you can regain control quickly and not be victimized.

There was an endless parade of very evil African Americans involved in St Louis area also, some even partaking in torture operations involving mind reading of the frontal lobe. (This system cant find info deep in the brain which is why they have to torture and do brain damage.)
One older black man on a train harassed me for having an abortion but put it in the form of killing or getting rid of my baby.
They seemed obsessed for a few years with getting me pregnant. Which I wasnt going to allow.
How did this fool know about my personal business? They always do. Dont be surprised.
Just like the arrogant pricks working in the Buffalo NY social services office, telling me "Rachael why don't you go back to your grandmother's house in Waltham?" When I never gave that address or mentioned it or who lived there.
(Why dont YOU f*ck right off?!)

Im warning you that MO is extremely dangerous and both blacks and white people are dangerous and viscous as a part of this system.

The normal black homeless can be agreeable and nice. They told me that a double of me was showing up at a feed line daily and it was obvious they did so in innocence.

You will notice downtown there's a Masonic lodge building that's as big and garish as a Pharaoh's palace. That always concerned me as well.

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