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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Kept In A Loop Of Discrediting Behavior-Hard Time South Congress, Austin, TX

Not the cool part of South Congress but what I have dubbed the Mex cartel area just south of there-past Oltorf.

In McDs in the morning there's a creepy bunch of older Mexican men who look Jewish some of them-this guy from Alabama calls them 'The Over The Hill Gang'. They always do gang stalking gestures i just ignore them.

That McD isnt too bad. Theres been African American perps come in there (of course) which every single McDonald's is notorious for anyway gs wise and thst hasnt worked but they've tried. Ive also met some nice people in there.

This is just a bad part of the neighborhood for being targeted. The stop light at Oltorf and Congress is really bad for encountering stalking and harassment activity.

The HEB is still intense but theyve either given up or laid off for unknown reasons. I go in there prepped for battle everytime so maybe I've adapted.

The laundromat is better but perps still come in from OUTSIDE the neighborhood to mess with me.

I washed my laundry and it took a while due to having to wash special items i never usually do. I had to rewash alllergic to new soap and thats where trouble began.

A weird African American girl and hemomom seemed to be messing with this older Christian Mex guy and myself also. I told him to ignore her but it started me on a path of getting stressed.

I began just jabbering about whats going on with the diversions that are the protests and focusing on racial profiling and killings by police and Obama.

I then went on to hating the US and wanting to leave. I got stuck in loop I felt held in it.

Then a strange guy came outside where i was folding laundry and it continued. Almost like one of the psychic warriors i have run into in the past-Cheney's Spoonbenders (look up that term).

A fellow homeless man came by to do his laundry and to tell me about a mean shop keeper who terrified him today...and suddenly the man who had come outside who seemed to be assisting in keeping me stuck in this holding pattern left very quickly and whatever influence or power that was on me that was keeping me stuck in that rant lifted very quickly. Like immediately.

Its been raining multiple days here and the springs and creeks have flooded. Its been humid.
Ive had trouble with moving about during mid afternoon.
This morning i experienced the ever annoying'go here go there' mind control thats common in certain cities. (There's a vid many in the TI community have seen where a prison warden brags of the capabilities of technologies to control prisoner behavior in such a way. This is before Reagan and friends decided to put forth these technologies secretly due to public opposition. I had the vid in an email in 2007 and it was hacked and disappeared.)

TX has alot of privatized corporate prisons. Im also in the state capital which I daily like to deny due to Austin's character being so alternative which i intuitively understand is a cover or diversion from the capital being too conservative as the rest of the state.
It just seems odd but contrived like its a ploy to have the capital be so out of character with the rest of the state. )

I try to fight these when i get them but sometimes its difficult. Lately the system has been to harass me intensely at certain times in certain areas to deter me from being there or wanting to stay there at those times of day.

So harass the Target out of wanting to be in a certain area at a certain time then put into the mind an ideation about going elsewhere. The person is more motivated by fear of being harassed to take the suggestion.

I was willed to take the long bus ride north to nearest Dunkin Donuts to downtown Austin. This excertion is best taken on a weekday due to it serving the dual purpose of also getting me the TI out of the inner city area where the most intense psycho management of the population occurs. Also Saturday is a pretty 'clear' day compared to M-F in Austin. Why would I take that trip on a Saturday??

So i get pushed into this and am being controlled like a doll or robot. I walk off the bus as far approaching Barton Springs area and literally get slowed to a shuffle by the heat and humidity. I realize i cant possibly make it.

As this occurs the forcing and ideation seems to melt away and be lifted. I then cross the street and start being unable to breath due to the damage to my lungs the moldy apartment back in Boston had caused WHICH IS WHY I CANNOT GO TO FLORIDA and other similar environments.

It must-have been more humid there due to the springs etc.

I walked back towards my point of origin and took care of the asthma with inhalrer and mind power.

Pissed i vowed i would post this experience today.

So mind control is alive and well in Austin. Which is actually more livable and free than many other major cities right now. (For the right people who can fit in here.)

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  1. In your situation, you may be better off in southwest desert areas, right? But the heat is going to be very intense (in AZ, NM, NV). Nice and dry there, but intense heat. Plus you'd mentioned about the radiation coming from the East flowing to the West Coast.