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Monday, May 18, 2015

Alex Jones' 2° Of Seperation From Stratfor Intel Collection Agency (Austin, TX)

Alex Jones Exposed

Alex Jones And Stratfor
(Raytheon? Not good).

Gangstalking And Harassment
" The research paper "ZERZETSEN TORTURE REPORT" provides a blueprint on the illegal use of the "Zerzetsen" no touch torture technique against whistle-blowers and enemies of rogue elements in the establishment elites."

"Zerzetsen is a process of character assassination and threats – its purpose is to poison every aspect of a person’s life."

Stratfor Is a Joke and So Is Wikileaks for Taking It Seriously

They claim the company doesnt do actual spying. However the harassment around 6th Street and downtown is pretty intense. This could be due to the parameter thata around the business district.

Barrett Brown reported on Anonymous' hack of CIA firm

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Anonymous said...

Seriously, that's interesting. I think the probation system is controlling these people, or maybe even it affects their parole or pardon. That makes sense that satisfying probation is one reason, because you were targeted more heavily to prevent YOU from satisfying the terms of your parole, the legal law-abiding way, rather than the gangstalking way. Hence, the gangstalking system had to step in and mess with your ability to satisfy probation, as the same system allows others on probation to serve out their sentense with no problems provided they play by Their rules. So , they need to punish anyone on probation that does things legally instead of the GS way.

And maybe GS plays a role in granting parole, too. I have inside info from a friend that prisoners get targeted by prison officers, and it follows that GS is one part of the prison system. And maybe prisoners get lesser targeting if they agree to perform "assigned duties" (i.e. going after targets as informants or perps) and maybe one reward is they get out on parole sooner or undeserved granting of parole. He was saying he got fired for filing a grievance, and he admitted that he and other prison guards took part in the torture and undeserved illegal punishment of prisoners, like making them do certain things or get whipped, beaten, whatever.