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Thursday, May 28, 2015

At UT Med Center Trouble Breathing Comfortably (Maybe Staph Complication)

Fighting staph infection. St Davids medical center was ok when i first arrived a month or so ago but last time i went in there for this staph infection (same area as before turning into cellulitis) the male nurse was awful.
They were not clear about the medication treatment so i may not have taken them properly.

I've had shortness of breath due to heavy chest, fatigue and dizziness just as I did when this was cellulitis last summer going up through Maine.

After a short course of doxycycline the skin wound healed but it hurt underneath the skin. I began a course of keflex as the doc at St Davids prescribed both but I was unclear as to how to take them.
The nurse actually said "you dont need to fill both". The doc alluded to taking both at once yet with my antibiotic allergies and my having mild symptoms of a anaphylactic reation each time I take them (i take a benedryl or a half of one with each pill. The reaction is mild but uncomfortable.)

I did wake up with a nasal cold so it might be something respitory but heaviness in chest and uncomfortable breathing has been part of the staph symptoms this time as it was when it had turned to cellulitis last summer.

My chest is sore in front and back and I've felt off and on for the entire time Ive had this staph infection that i cannot get a full breath.

I HAVE AN OLDER FRIEND WHO WILL CALL A LAWYER BACK HOME AND CONTACT ANOTHER FRIEND if anything unusual happens. Like i get manipulated into the psych ward (its UT hospital.)
Already the lady at the front has played games with me by asking stupid questions as if Im the damn doctor (typical of harassment).
"why cant you breath? Your oxygen seems fine."
Just by having that thing on my finger showing oxygen levels.

Already minimizing my plight.

Im not a doctor and i am afraid for my safety and concerned about my health. Im traveling from another state and i have pre existing health conditions as well as a history of staph and cellulitis in the area thats afflicted.
I also have allergic reactions now due to being given Bactrim in 2009 where i went into full blown anaphylaxis where after that event i had multiple life threatening allergies to foods and materials such as latex.

Im at a hospital to find out why my chest is sore and im having shortness of breath.

I will post if i leave and go to st davids or get proper treatment here.

Perps were doing tactical gs on way here and it pissed me off. The laws in TX for this must be hard ass becuz in MA or CA they would have stopped or shown some deceny.

I suppose they have to keep up the 'don't mess with TX' theme even though no one is messing with them by coming to visit for a month or two.

It is the capital of Bush's home state and that was poor judgement on my part.

Uh this is where Kennedy was shot. And they have a play running now at local theatre about LBJ called 'All The Way" having to do with his commitment to civil rights (!).
This was not my best choice but who knows why i came.

Theyve also been blessed with the heaviest rains on record since 1981 which is getting rid of their drought they've suffered for a few years.
Payola or pay offs come in strange forms with 21st century technology.

It could just be coincidence. Extreme weather seems to come to an area Im in at that time. Coldest winters or like this constant heavy rain.

Its not a very healthy city either. I think the lack of a salt water ocean nearby which I'm used to has ALOT to do with my deteriorating health here.
And down south i notice that teeth rot faster. Look at all the toothless poor people.

One Mex guy slapped his back pocket hard as he walked by me to go into the triage. I ignored it.

Wish me luck im going to need it.
If they can do that to one Yankee they can certainly do it to another one.

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