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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Austin Not Good Choice For Homebase. Its All Sold Out.

Austin sucks. If u stay here the heat and other charms seduce you into believing its a nice place and worth the gs harassment or that its a place you can have a life outside of being targeted.

Firstly TX like OR makes women fat for some reason and Im no exception. I HATE that feeling.

Secondly everyone is a poser. The only truly cool people here are in the street homeless. Most of them are drunk and if pressed for political discussion are either invapable or conveniently Christian where God's will can be the dead end they require to avoid personal and social responsibility. The other ones are musicians. Unless u play an instrument the street scene has no other creativity maybe a few jewelry makers.

People suffer from magical thinking disorder here. Theres many wana be witches here who have no real power-without their being in their cult of other wana bes. They are a very real diversionary nuisance and diversion.

Despite their charms the Mexicans are house slaves to the United States interests. It's an awkward daily struggle with racism from them where eventually i am getting tired of staying aligned with my stance of my being Latin (Italian) and Slavic (indigenous Arctic Asiatic mixed with many Russians) making us similar enough to get along.
Im starting to feel like I did with the blacks from Boston. They also do way to much of the gang stalking and for some reason oddly unlike any other perps, they find me a source of ultimate amusement whereas other classes and races of gs perps seem threatened enough by me to take part in destroying me.

The whites completely segregate themselves from homeless people. Its not as overt as southern California but at least there they're respectful to your face.

If i see one more poser-fuck, nuevo riche slob\middle-upper middle, nothing but average yuppie/hipster turd working in some oh so funky restaurant here who responds to my polite inquiry about ANYTHING i am going to meet this ongoing disrespect with a severe run and stomp to the face reminicent of Chuck Norris's early film-right at the throat through the windshield.

After which i will inform the little shit of my status as an MK Ultra super soldier prototype as well as battling these unbelievable forces BEYOND HIS PEON MIND COMPREHENSION for years on end...then tell him I come from a homeless scene around Harvard University where he would shrivel and die after a day of dealing with oppression and taunting from ACTUAL REAL WEALTH FROM MULTI GENERATIONS not some oil rig or cattle fucking drive or tumble weed fucking land ownership.

Then i will inform his scrawny ass (hardly any REAL men here. Gotta go TN or upstate NY. YUPpies exist so scrawny average weak humans can defend themselves from us-Mother Nature's TRUE elite.) how i was recently informed about my family's close alignment with organized crime-and how slighted,upset and frightened i am to know I have a guy named Johhny 'no neck' in my paternal family and just looking at pics of the now dead old gangsters just gives me the creeps-and occasional inspiration.
And remind him its never wise to unnecessarily disrespect Italian people.

I can't figure out if the Bourgeoisie are rude little insects to me becuz they DON'T know who I am or they do.

Its very popular around here for people who work in businesses to respond to my asking a question with "Excuse me?" very nastily or "Whats up?" after turning off in their facial expression completely any acknowledgement of my being a human being.

All ways and means for lower class and insecure middle to upper middle to attempt to keep me under control for the system. Either that or these ignorant imitation cool people actually believe every homeless person is a nobody.

Where im from so many rich connected kids drop out that people are respecful to street people or Travelers-becuz you never know who the fuck you are really dealing with.

Now I understand why the police chief said what he did that seemed tasteless and whined about Austin nitpicking. We live as we do in the northeast due to the olde money and organized crime towering over us and threat of crime always lurking in the shadows.

These fucks here are just plain spoilt. They dont face adversity. If they did they would recognize others who have.

Here they would criticize a prize fighters nose and think he needed a nose job (to fit in of course) instead of appreciate the art of such a face and its history.

Oh a good portion here arent prissy. They take frightening calculation in choosing perfect tattoo placement and green hair and antique cars. But theres something conformist about it. As if once again im dealing with a herd of cattle on a range who dont want to step ouy of form for fear of being prodded-or slaughtered first.

Punk rock does not exist here in any form. Me wearing a tie dye sun dress along with Chippewa boots and metal patches or alternating with overalls is not understood as eclectic. No such concept is capable of being understood here.
Im never a metalhead with hippie tendencies due to mostly my age group being Gen X...Im a Hippie and theu absolutely HATE that here.

In Harvard the older punkers would say it was punk for me to WEAR WHATEVER I WANT without thought for conformity. Here its a threat to the Texan way of life. (Except around UT where this seems acceptable. Probably becuz people are actually using their brains for academics not trying to be start up entrepreneurs hiding behind large beards or other fake uniform like identities.

Being alternative here is fine i guess unless u r truly radical or a threat to the system then one sees just how full of shit it all really is.
I hate and loathe this generations alt culture thats so careful to still be a pet of authority and the status quo.

Slowly over decades the straight people or the straights as they were referred to in the 1970s have stolen our fuckin clothes, our fetish scenes, music.

YUPpies are a cancer which is taking over every city. Alt bullshit culture people accompany that cancer by cloning itself after the original host cell yet with its multiplication comes the death and destruction of the original cells.

I realized years ago too late to save myself from being hurt by these imposters that these people are the enemy-who are now wearing our clothes.

You cant tell whos cool anymore. They used to have THEIR OWN clothes and clubs, cliques and sections of town AND WOULD LEAVE US THE F*CK ALONE and visa versa.

I realize that these vain attempts at making contact with totally foriegn, hostile alien life forms is the result of a intelligent, creative, cool white woman forcibly kept in the lower classes trying to escape the fate of her people in this day and age: black people and the prison and dead end that is modern ghetto culture. (Go to jail. Go on psych meds. Feed every part of the complex with your very existence. If you dont want to go to jail, join the military! See what I mean?)

This is why this fails. Who ISN'T in Austin to escape black culture? Its the one shining reedeming quality about this place.
Unfortunately it seems locals equate The Homeless with just that...instead of being alt or fringe, pioneering or innovative. Becuz that might threaten your start up.

It was still so good in 2011. It appears to have gone the way of other meccas of arts and alt culture.

Its sold out completely. Only in and around the yuppies hipsters and developers can one gain sustenance from what remains of old Austin.

The Springs are trying to send the message that there's too many people here already to sustain it (another dream i had recently). The ghosts in the old historical buildings are yearning for people to come and either restore Austin's character or preserve what's left.

The new inhabitants are far too powerful of evil forces to allow that to happen. Having a bank built in the image of an owl from a three quarter view that from a side view plainly exhibits the sun symbol as well as a Pharisees striped head dress should frighten anyone who understands exactly who now runs this city.

It sucks its gone its over.

Im going to Cali or back to MA to serve my time then go to the south perhaps (ive been targeted to make doing my community service difficult and that Quaker church in Cambridge where i got targeted keeps saying they sent my thirty hours but the po never gets it. They are all conspiring to put me in jail.)

Whatever the deal im not going to stay in Austin. Its horrid for anyone whos an actual revolutionary fighting from the gutters-who doesn't want to be part of the African American struggle.

Imagine a time where the poor white struggle has become so taboo and a threat- yet the black one is marketable as a lifestyle.

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