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Thursday, May 21, 2015

America Is Officially A Hopeless Nation/ Austinites Are Eternal High School Hallway Walkers

I guess America as a nation wants to be my enemy and Im a foreigner in my own country.

America is beyond hope. Its corrupt, selfish and insists on exploiting the rest of the world as well as a fraction of its own people so it can maintain its ridiculous lifestyles.

Its a complete joke that the US wants to be known as a human rights champion. The USA is now one of the main countries causing the world's problems.

Americans are naive, brainwashed, ignorant about the rest of the world and extremely dangerous.

Its evil beyond measure simply becuz it insists on hiding its crimes and parading as a human rights champion.

America has been turned into a stupid, heartless piece of corporate crap and is never going to be decent again.

The young people are an indication that the fight is over. They are completely formed into the mold needed to keep perpetuating America's war crimes. Intelligence games are now a part of their lives and spying is normal.

The nation has always used slaves to make itself wealthy and that hasnt changed and never will.

Europe had evolved so of course now has to be destroyed by mass lower the people to the levels of animalistic greed and stupidity of Americans.

Austin is such an example of the American disease. Its so unpolitical. The houseless people could not be more useless to a movement if they tried.

The United States is beyond repair. The stupid arrogant young kids like life hetr this way. Its going to be impossible to ever get the real America back again.

Every major city is infested with the same cancer: yuppies, hipsters and the house slaves (blacks or Mexicans or third world foreigners depending on your location and region.)

The banks and corporations and the insane Zionists have won.

The public likes life this way. Anyone left living in reality whos sane has to find a new place to live.

There's got to be a place outside the USA where people are resisting or preserving true human culture.

TX is horrible. These are the worst 'sheep with an attitude' in the country. The whites and the sell out Mexicans and wanna be white Mexicans all act like high school level.

The place sucks. Literally, people act like they are in high school for life. Its terrible.

I cant wait to leave and start hunting for some place outside the US. Away from the assholes.

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