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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Austin Better Now. Improved Conditions\ Another Instance Of Legit Police Effecting GS System 's Output, Power

Cops were at a fast food place i was in and ambulance came. Kid had cut on hand.

All thats been plaguing Barton Springs and Lamar seemed to melt away with their presence. Its as if the place has been cursed lately.

A friend came back into the area and that was also positive. It was all too much-that area becoming unpleasant, two weeks of rain with a few hours of sun for only a few days. Heavy rains.
Friends leaving. I was getting very isolated. Through it I kept going.

So Ive had a better time in Austin past few days and the positive ive experienced here is returning.

It doesnt suck always it just sucks more than it did in 2011 when i thought it was pretty great..despite the swarms of male Hipsters doing gestures as tactical gang stalking. (So bizarre. Are Hipsters like, another race? They look alike have you noted this?
F*cking clones! I knew it!)

Always Austin would redeem itself. I would have uncomfortable or awkward interactions then always meet someone nice.
However this might be part of the psychological manipulation used for behavior modification. Its akin to prisoners in Guantanamo Bay camp being tortured then going to counseling where a therapist would tell them how to deal with the torture.

How to adapt to it. Its TOTAL brainwashing.

The world is not about to leave TIs alone or give us real freedom or consideration or respect who we truly are and our experiences.

Just keep in mind always that no one is for real potentially like no one can be trusted. Things might be put ons or set ups.

Knowing that always and keeping that in one's mind is always a way of ensuring you dont get manipulated. Even if it only dawns on you later.

And this isnt the first time ive posted about this system dropping off when uniformed police show up at a location. Its as if legit cops stop this system outright.

Thats why they have so many authority types doing harassment. So TIs will become anti authority or lose faith in authorities helping rather.

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