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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hospital Is Shielded Building, Helped Improve Condition/Can't Do Activism Too Targeted

My breathing improved. But it was scary today.

I dislike including you all in my dramas. It seems thats all im capable of nowadays.

Its the outside environment. Its become obvious that the outside environment has become very rough to exist in for Targets over the past few years.

More than ever, 'safe' spots are needed and its strikingly noticeable when you find yourself in a safe place for even a short amount of time.

One of the local hospitals I went to today is and has been a place where the hostile environment outside seems to be blocked.

It feels like much of the radiation and electromagnetic pollution is blocked out. Peace and normalcy ensue.

To be reminded of a time before the country went crazy.

At times like these its so obvious what the radiation from Fukushima, other leaks, electromagnetic pollution and all other environmental stressors have done to change human reality.

All that plus the increase in the number of stalkers around the country.

How are they not effected or are these factors creating more psychos to do their dirty work for them?

Peaceful environments that feel safe with out hostility or electromag influence are very hard to come by now.

Its much worse than it was just in 2012.

I think housed and employed or school going humans must benefit from being inside buildings for most of the day especially two seperate places like home and work or school.

They might not notice the changes as they dont get damaged as quickly. Also rhe young and healthy kids outside wouldnt be effected. It wont show yet.

It seems what they do to TIs is covertly and slowly expose us to radiation and hit us with weapons until our bodies are overly sensitive then the unhealthy, above normal levels out there now are going to kill us even though healthy, unaffected people wouldn't notice.
Firstly they don't get exposed daily and nightly outside as we do and they arent constantly hunted and hit or exposed as we are in campaigns so that damage is done over time.

Last year i had an MRI and almost had what felt like a heart attack. It actually hurt at certain points.

I could feel the years of damage from being exposed outside as well as being hit for years with tech and weapons.
Probably my mother being exposed through experimentation is a factor also.

I wonder if thats why people don't want someone like me around. Could i give off to enough energy to be dangerous to other people simply from being exposed for so long?

The increase in radiation and pollution as well as organized harassment is making outside in American towns and cities unlivable and nightmarish.

At the University Med Center ER I was bring hit with tech which is one of the reasons I got out of there. It made my distress over not being able to breath right more stressful.
So stressful in fact that i had to switfh into this denial/tough mode to survive which THEY KEEP TRYING TO INDUCE with DAILY STRESS.

Its as if they want Targets to switch into these survival modes. There can never be any true peace.

A luxury of the past.

So at moments where a building provides shielding its pretty obvious, and appreciated.

There's something much worse and more severe about these hot, sunny areas.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about your health problems. It all sounds so familiar – the heart problems, breathing difficulties, while all the tests say there's nothing wrong.
Think about checking your thyroid gland, though.
Wish you well!