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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Turns Out GS A Female TI Is Largely Rooted In Human Male Sexual Aggression Behavior As Exhibited In Primates

"When we look closely we find that, in many primates, hardly an aspect of female existence is not constrained in some way by the presence of aggressive males."

Even this urge and obsession to control, manipulate and built human beings-to play 'god' is based on their insane sexual aggressions towards survival of the species.

 Why must humanity keep from evolving peacefully simpmit they have no control over their primitive aggressions? Besides the fact the military is notorius for being obsessed with raping in war, raping their own female soldiers, raping each other (former soldiers' testimonies exist) and closeted gay sexual culture not to mention screwing with more little boys than any priest ever had an opportunity to.

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