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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Found Strange Blog Of A Possible TI/ Sandy Hook Massacre Questioned

I found this rather strange blog in searching something else. I dont know what to think of alot of the content as disinfo agents are always a problem among people claiming to be Survivors and Targeted Individuals. However I did find the following posts on the CT shooting to be interesting.

Here is a related YouTube vid linked in the post:

There are alot of weird people involved in the footage concerning the shootings. And Ive dealt with cops long enough in this to  know there was something in the officer's response. That hard ass, very frightening energy cops have when they want to push something through or intimidate people. 

Always depend on medical people to be alot more leaning towards betraying themselves when up to no good. You can force cops, ones that arent total shit, to actually do thier jobs by betraying themselves to the side of justice and good in the midst of them messing with you but it takes work and alot of manuevuers.

Even the cop stopping, not answering and choosing to move on instead of deal with the question is a small indication that something is wrong.  They are quite as smooth as criminals- which is a very good thing actually.  

It is rather amusing that one can plainly see for a moment he has an urge to get violent on the guy for asking that question but he cant behave like a rabid guard dog for the bad guys just then becuz civilized human beings happen to be watching. Hmph. Imagine the 'treatment' the guy would have gotten privately for daring to make sense and use his brain and question corrupt authority. I can attest that its quite a beat down- but ever worth it to know you've challenged a bunch of arrogant, fat cat bastards who think they are stronger and smarter than the public.

Many people involved in whats been ongoing who work for the bad guys if you will seem to have a part of them that often betrays itself to help out the good side. Its as if they are in a bind to work for the system, the bad guys but they arent completely taken over by that. Actually if the public refused to put up with all the nonsense thats gone on, the police might not have to play for the bad guys so much. 

This has all gone way to far at this point. Watching this just makes me think more and more that what we are up against has become such a massive monster that its now totally in control of society with just a minority of people understanding whats really going on.  Maybe we arent supposed to keep fighting. Maybe someone, somewhere decided that we were people who were worth telling about what was happening as this system grew. That we should just leave society to whatever fate this system has in store for it- we should escape somewhere that isnt affected by whats going on. Becuz it seems like a loosing battle, dealing with a public that is stupider and more insulated from reality as time goes on and it seems people like me are becoming more and more marginalized- finding alterative cultures and societies to exist in.

Maybe we dont even want to coexist with this society. Maybe the powers that be think we are too damn smart, too good and too special to suffer the fate of the masses who are buying into everything that is created in the media. 

Its come to a point now where I feel like I am existing in a foriegn country-a place where I cannot understand nor do I remotely resemble the majority of people in this society. Perhaps this is why I keep getting ideations to move to Europe and beyond. As if there are some places left in the world where the public doesnt believe nor will they tolerate this much mind gaming and manipulation.

As far as the shooting goes, there was something off about it from the start. The shooter, his mother and what was his motive? Why go shoot a bunch of kids instead of go directly to whoever might have pissed you off to begin with?

It could be that this community is not as innocent as they seem. CT is very sinister. Its one of the worst gang stalking states I have ever been to. Viscous. The shelter I was at in a small town outside Hartford had a large perp group that were really intense as well as the place was run by this really creepy lady with the evilest grin Ive ever seen.
I'm pretty sure they were putting something into the food to drug the clients, anti-psychotics I believe, becuz I would wake up in the middle of the night with uncontrollable kicking in my legs and  other side effects of such drugs. I also felt like there was some mood stabilzation drug in my system.

Even before I saw this post or the vid above I took a pic of a photo in a local San Diego newspaper which showed the kids from the school on the bus returning to school after the traumatic event:

Note the colors black, white and red. Specifically  black and white worn together.

The little boy in the red t-shirt (!) is quite an intriguing figure. Almost devlish in appearance.

Of course this pushes congress to reconsider gun laws...
Note the photo on the left hand side of another little boy in a red shirt, kissing a woman. CONGRESS once again referred to, and motherhood or women-also note black white and red as dominant colors in photo.

Guns 'out'- safe children and women in power 'in'.

Most compelling however is, next to all this horrible news, the good news is that the home of the future is here. Complete with 1's and 0's in coding. And a family lives inside. "Intelligent devices and robotics are revolutionizing home living at warp speed, as tech titans hope to cash in" it reads.
The white silhoette of the nuclear family within seem safe, insulated by all that tech coding- all those 1's and 0's.

You will be so super safe if you accept tech into your life- it will protect you from outside threats, like the ones headlining the newspaper.

Note how strong the images associated with the bad news are but how vague the colors associated with the good news are.

This is your chance to find HEAVEN (blue and white or blue, white and black) instead of the traumatic events that are creating such a living HELL in the outside world these days (red featured or black white and red).

These photos are definately a message to those of us who are Targets, specifically those who have seen this system close up. Red shirts as well as the black, white and red combo is used so frequently to harass TI's after they are sensitized to red shirts by Gang Stalking perpetrators that a Target cant help but take notice.
The system simply sensitizes those it wants to have eyes to see if you will, to certain things, then utilizes these cues in news stories, in media or in public spaces.

I was looking at an old magazine from the 80's a while ago. Black white and red combos with strange or obviously set up and posed subjects were found in those publications just not in such high numbers of occurance.
The system I suspect has always used this sort of behavioral conditioning on Targeted persons- its not a question of when the media started using black white and red for harassment its when you as a Targeted Individual get isolated and exposed to such conditioning that sensitises you.

It does seem from my research that the color combo is being used in a very high frequency in media specifically worn by news casters, meteorologists-even on Democracy Now! which I think alot of us thought we could trust. But then again, they seem very to the Left and Liberal, which means they might simply be playing for one side of the system as opposed to another. I've experienced Anarchists and Patriots in on this as well as Democrats and Republicans. ANYONE WHO WONT DEAL WITH GANG STALKING OR RELATED ISSUES cant be trusted. I realized that a long time ago and it only serves to isolate a TI even more from the mainstream reality.

At this point I am wondering if that is the purpose of GS. If, knowing and seeing how ridiculous this all is-what a lie and a deception it is, having grown within a GS campaign to this age- coming this far- should Target's even bother at a certain point to even engage  the public or thier reality? To even challenge what they are being fed?

Its like we are students who were picked out and taken from population to be isolated from everyone else. For our protection and for theirs.

Knowing what we know- what then, should we do?

Its obvious at this point that the average person isnt going to believe or understand the deception(s) around them, so what are we supposed to do with this knowledge?

Its obvioulsy wrong whats going on and even though one could argue that such deceptions from the powers that be have always existed, its getting a bit thick. And dangerous to humanity generally.

Should we just sit back, allow the general public to become so enslaved and just escape using our superior knowledge to somewhere much freer, more pleasant (and a hell of alot more fun) or should we keep spending our lives trying to get information out to people who basically live in lock down 24-7?

The deceptions they are pulling off are getting more and more crazy and the inconsistencies and patterns that are glaringly obvious that should make people suspect are being overlooked regularly now.

People have been fully trained almost it seems to NOT question the validity of thier environment or whats going on in it. Its very different from 20 or 30 years ago and its not normal. Its as if people have lost the ability to understand that the media and power structure has alot of tech on its side and to question if that is used against them or for sinister purposes or abuse of power.

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