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Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Mother Supposedly Comments On A Post

"Racheal, Kindly take down my name (both married and maiden). I don't want my name out there. Also, nothing happened at Bethesda, MD. This was another hospital. Glad to see that you're still here. It's the only way I know you're OK. Your mother. on Why Is A Great City Like Austin So Bloated With GS Scum And New Money Snobs? Publish | Delete | Spam" 

 First of all I know my mother. She would simply have her 'creative' lawyer contact me to take it down not write me in the comment section. Also, I challenge this selfish b*tch to actually have her lawyer contact me or one I may get to handle this. Becuz if this actuall her she has alot of audacity even contacting me.

 Secondly, whoever posted that, whether it be my mother or some one pretending to be her, my mother actually did repeat over and over that she was treated in the "Bethesda Maryland Naval Hospital" when talking about her being a radiation experimentee from the 1950's. THAT is what she used to say. And actually, the correct reference is that its the Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland.

And also, lets not be so damn picky about details. If this is indeed from my mother, then listen to this good becuz I am only going to post it once.

Ive been the one working my ass off every day of my life on this project and living in the street. If you knew about my blogs and knew I maybe needed your paperwork that proves you are an actual experimentee or if you could clarify such details then you should have provided them due to the fact that I am only targeted due to being YOUR daughter.

My mother would never admit to actually being an experimentee anyway becuz in her own words she "dropped it" (the class action lawsuit in 1995 at the President's Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments) according to her becuz "I was followed". My mother would never spell her own daughter's name incorrectly which is hysterical.

My mother is too busy probably telling everyone that I am simply a schizo like my dad to cover her ass. She's way to smart and careful to contact me. She always has been the better sneaky bitch.

Too bad she only talks shit instead of being the one with the true brass balls. Some people arent willing to die for a cause, even if its the right thing to do.

No matter how many subscriptions to LEATHERNECK magazine this woman subscribes to or has Semper Fi stickers and yellow ribbons stuck on her car, some of us in the Willems family are actually the ones who exemplify what it means to fight for whats right, til the end, without wavering, to protect the innocent and to live for destroying one's enemies and avenging the forsaken.  To live out of a backpack, to challenge one's body and mind and stay in the battle field until its over or death comes.

And I never liked the corp. I dont try to be this way I just am. Becuz someone has to do this if my wimpy ass fucked up family wont I have to then- becuz its the RIGHT THING TO DO.

So if my mother wants her name removed then have her get her bastard, crooked, manipulative attorney to contact me- force me to.  Then I will sue the shit out of you for putting me out on the street and lying to me and playing games during a federal investigation in Boston. Go for it. See what happens.

Believe me, my mother's family never wants to see me again. Becuz if I ever contact them again its going to be with a lawyer to destroy them or with a semi auto and they are all going to drop dead. Perps were even telling me that my mother sold me out for money and that she is "sick" for her part in what happened.

The only reason that bitch or my stupid family are still breathing is becuz I know damn well that they are controlled, frightened and my mother was so abused as  child she's incapable of being anything but sick. She's also programmed and has issues with dissociation as well but isnt intelligent enough nor bold enough to face that and heal herself. Thats on her.

And I will also sue for the detective who's on the Waltham police force thats related to my maternal grandmother who was involved in this also.  I'll take my cousin Christin down too if I can-anyone I can get to will fall.

So if my dear mother is the one behind this she better stick to stuffing her face with cookies and talking mean shit about people with her relatives behind people's backs thinking she's the smarter one, hidden inside her room sleeping all day, watching movies, buying useless material things and occasionally trying to get employment or housing which she always loses BECUZ SHE WONT ADMIT SHE'S TARGETED.

I show my love for my family by telling the truth about this system and about how my mother was screwed up by obviously MK Ultra connected to the radiation experimentation.

Dont give me a chance to destroy my family, any police dept in Boston or the organized crime scum involved either. Boston can go straight to hell for all I care.  Fuck Boston and fuck anyone who helped destroy my life. Yer dead if I ever get the chance.

If you wanna contact me do it through a lawyer. Or a subpoena   Like the feds should have during that investigation instead of harassing me. Which they will pay for also.

Its just one big ongoing joke to these f*ckers. They just keep on playing games.

Its probably some last ditch attempt to get me to react so that I cant find out if TIs are as eligible to sue contractors as actual torture victims.  That bitch mother of mine doesnt have the balls to contact me and after her part in the plot of evil design, she would be a fool to do so.

BTW, b*tch, whatha ass gonna do when I leave for Europe? None of the people that fat bitch nor the other fat bitch Julie is connected to is gonna be able to stop anything I have to say over there. In fact I do believe I will find many many sympathizers. And I will use them to destroy. Boston pays, eventually. Becuz everyone pays thier debts eventually no matter how much they put them off- my mother was an accountant and told me so lol.
(Anyone got anything to say about me expressing my anger with poetic lic by talking about an automatic weapon be my guest- it will push me to seek legal councel sooner).

Its so much fun isnt it, how I can be made to react and waste my time. Think you're winning right?


Anonymous said...

Probably one of the perps thinking they're smart and funny. I get spam in my inbox that resembles those two forged identity comments you got, and it's been an endless stream since 2006.

Don't worry. If I do manage to go back to uni to get my Ph. D, I will make sure I make the focus my research "remote sensing" and electromagnetics. Then I could publish a paper on remote mind control the perps use. So you know they will stonewall my attempts to get funding for my Ph D. then. Now if I were working in a field to help "them", what are the chances I'd be handed funding right off? I'll bet I'll be stonewalled every step of the way, from funding, to the candidacy exams/dissertations, and it will never materialize. Oh but the system has been pushing me hard to obtain that Ph. D. They have to know that I will pursue research in remote sensing, and other areas the perps use for their tech? So why the suggestions by them that I pursue a Ph. D that would help expose them? Targets should think very carefully before pursuing any kind of higher ed for similar reasons.

Anonymous said...

The fake pro israel douche below and this asshole pretending to be your mother reek of "paid to post" twats. Good for u for not buyin it.