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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Reader Comment Reminds TIs GS Is In Reality Psy Warfare

"Anonymous Anonymous said:
Yeah, I got skits that seemed very professionally done. Like this one convenience store. I walk past there every goddamned night with no problems. Last night, however, they put on a whopper of a skit, a girl who works there and her friend. And it seemed professional done, at least it seemed scripted by someone. And it's interesting that they always leave me alone there, until last night. 
 And one hallmark of professionally-done skits is that they seem very much like a personal attack on you. But I've determined that sometimes it isn't really a personal attack; that's just the thoroughness of the psychological aspect. I've been getting the impression through my research that psychologists and behavioral scientists are involved. The surveillance data is collected and given to them, and they parse it all, and come up with certain scenarios, go through likes and dislikes of the TI, and figure out where they can manufacture likes and dislikes through repeated conditioning. In your case, they must have figured that you have a background of hanging out with blacks, growing up. You knew good from bad blacks. And now they are using this against you, trying to work on your dislike of certain unfavored blacks, your knowledge of what makes a bad from a good person. and they are using what seems to be black male assholes trying to get inside your pants.

What are the chances they really are going to try getting you to fuck with them? The system would never allow you to contact them anyways. They seem to be working some sort of hatred/like of certain subgroups of blacks on you. And that's where your campaign is personalized: the psychologists and behavioral scientists are the "pros" that you are referring to, and they dream all of this stuff up. And it could also be an efficient use of a convenient demographic in the cities you visit to accomplish this. 

10/11/12, 3:04 PM Anonymous Anonymous said... [continued/had to break post/too long/don't know if I overlapped]
They have pros on their stuff that figure all of this shit out. It could only be done by real psychologists, and maybe they have additional credits in psychological warfare.

 And that's probably why the psychaitrist was giving you the phony diagnoses. All that had to do is collobrate with the "pros" (the perps, who are really staff psychologists working for the system). It's designed to look like people are doing it for revenge, but that's just an illusion because of the hard work they put into figuring out a target's psyche.

 It seems unrealistic that this many people could really hate one person so much. It's just not feasible. Especially since different people express hate in different ways. Yet, they are all doing it the same way, as though they were following a script that followed from a very professionally worked psychological profile. It's designed to look like jealous assholes who are one-track minded who can't seem to curb their obsessiveness over a target's set of traits. It's done with a collaboration of mental healthy professionals. 

 After what happened last night, it hit a low point. I was really going crazy, but then those girls doing the skit, who seemed to hate me and wanted to mob me raised some questions: 1) why have they never "attacked" me with a skit before? I had been walking past there for months with not a peep. 2) The one girl involved waved and said "hi", and seemed to be like a co-worker more than a hater, like she was doing a job. 

 In a small town, you'd notice that it seems like someone different is taking turns with others doing the mobbing. In fact they seem to be scared of something, like what happens if they get picked to put on a skit and they refuse? That's why it's important not to react. I reacted by putting my middle finger up to the sky to show the asshole pros that I knew they did it, they scripted all of it, it's THEIR work and not the vicious attack of jealous bitches. I kept it there for some time. Just sick of some of this bullsh  10/11/12, 3:06 PM" 

Intellectually Targets know its psy ops and not really personal but TIs are only human and with how much access to Intel they have on people the amount of control they gain over a human animal isnt easy to battle.

They seperatw us from all we've known previously and isolate us and marginalize us from society, from reality really.

 Its very helpful to see this said in print.


Anonymous said...

And sometimes retaliating plays right into the schema of the psy-warfare. For example, the system captured my rants, which may or may not have been vocalized (they can record a target's inner voice), that all they do is "talk shit" (their directed conversations). Then I got more psy-ops in return that "We don't talk shit, we state facts". I was redirected to a site on the web where I saw this statememt. That statement right there is more psy-warfare to break me down. Since when is the system ever not "talking shit"? That's all directed conversations are, and they know it. If they were 100% truthful, then they wouldn't go through the trouble of arranging for perps to do the directed conversations. Virtually every thing coming from them is a gross over-exaggeration or a massive lie mixed in with a little bit of truth. Hence, the notion coming from the system that they "only state facts", not "talk shit" is more psy-ops. The purpose is to have us destroy overselves physically via suicide or other means, or failing that, "reform" us by killing us off and have us remain alive.

They only talk shit, but they mix it in with a little dose of reality to make it sink in. So part of the psy-warfare is to have us retaliate by fighting back, but then responding to our fighting back by hitting us with more psy-warfare. My example of them responding that they "don't talk shit only 100% truth" to my taunts directed towards them that they only talk shit is one example.

Directed conversations is used to compliment the other weapons in their arsenal. And if they respond to a target's allegation, then you can bet that the allegation was likely true. Else, why would they need to retaliate? And the other part I don't get is how so many human perps use the "WE" pronoun to describe them. So each human perp represents the entire system? I really think they do hate targets who retaliate with such notions though, on a personal level. They don't like it when targets smack them in the mouth. And yes they talk only shit with only a small drop of truth delivered with an eye-dropper.

And thanks for reading my comments. Your blog gives me and other targets a place to go to, because we know you are only interested in fighting the system. I feel that I have nobody else, as everyone else is either too scared, don't care, or are in on it. So your blog has really helped me get through tough times.

And I sometimes get too lax, and have to realize that I have to stand up and fight the system. I've noticed that when I get complacent and accept what their controlled society does to me, that they leave me alone, and go into invisible mode. But when I stand up to them, they make themselves more active and overt, and try to smack me down again. This tells me they want targets to lie back down again. I see myself as a guard dog who is raising some hell, and the system is like the burglar who comes over and kicks me and tells me to go away and lie down. So if I let the burglar do what he wants, he lets me alone. If I bite him and raise a bunch of noise, he kicks me and tries to beat me off.

Anonymous said...

Possible "voice to skull" technologies that are being dismissed as paranoid schizophrenia or psychosis. During Bush, the Paranoid Schizophrenia label was quite common. I'm not sure what they are using in slander campaigns now. It seems like they are better at keeping the lid on cover stories so they don't get back to the target these days.