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Friday, January 25, 2013

Boycott Companies That Regularly Take Part In GS And/Or Experimentation

This is going to look like a campaign started by a bunch of paranoid schizophrenics or whatever the public (and disinfo system) want to come up with to keep on living in denial or keep up the media blackout on the subject. 

However, I feel its time for me personally to begin living in sync with my beliefs.

In an area like I'm in now its easy to depend on alternative businesses. While in places like TX one may find that Walmart, Starbucks and 7-11 are all one has available to depend on.

Many companies take part in GS but certain ones are worst offenders.

Greyhound is one company that TIs should avoid dealing with. Target stores also. Walmart may take part in GS and their security system is obviously hooked into something becuz the feeling of being watched and interfaced with in these buildings the stores are in is so overbearing that I cant stay in a Walmart for more than a certain period of time.

Target however is akin to Greyhound in that they have taken part in the much more brutal experimentation end of this.

I am as of now no longer entering a Starbucks if there are any other alternatives including making my own coffee.

Many people are boycotting them due to their supporting gay marriage (which I agree with), their allowing gun owners to carry unconcealed in their franchises (which wud u rather have concealed or obvious also when the concealed guy or lone shooter shows up u couldnt be in a safer place).

I agree with avoiding them becuz they have baristas with snobby YUPpie attitudes who somehow make u feel like its their house and u need to live up to some standard they have. Also they make poverty appear quant and use it as an artform.

Starbucks is for people who wanna be in a real café with real artwork on the walls someplace meaningful but their day jobs and common mediocre lives prevent it daily. France is just to far away.

And goodness forbid there be anu real political discussions started in there like coffee houses used to be used for centuries ago.

Its time to start living to protect ourselves not pay big companies to abuse us.


Mike said...

I thought what you are saying about boycotting certain stores, but after thinking about everything I considered that maybe the owner, or manager is a target. Posibly gangstalkers that work in such place are trying to make the business fail. In the NYC area Walmart for example has a big reputation for driving mom and pop stores out of business and was prevented from opening up a store many times here, there is no Walmart in the five boroughs. All this while similar stores like costco, target, bj's, and many other big chain stores no one has a problem with.

Snobert said...

I have thought of boycotting large corporations for their partnership with our government, but the sad truth is all businesses---big and small---are involved in organized stalking. Right here in Lancaster, PA; where virtually everyone is involved, I actually have had more trouble from the "mom and pop" establishments than the corporate ones.