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Thursday, January 24, 2013

An Important Message To Targets About Radiation Causing Illness, Possibly Death

The area I was in at that time-Cambridge, MA was actually already having its own issues with radiation in the environment BEFORE Japan's tsunami:

I recall clearly that I after the nuclear accident in Japan I had fatigue for one week straight and had to lay down and rest everyday at a women's drop-in in Cambridge. Whenever it rained I felt the same effects of fatigue.

My rectal bleeding along with a sharp pain in lower right abdomen began in August 2011 while staying in someone's place in Dorchester with friends from Cambridge.  (I posted during that time that the apartment had a Cisco wifi router, satellite tv and  multiple cell phones that, like the house in San Antonio I was in with the same set up- was driving me to exhibit signs of extreme stress and mental disturbance, which would cease upon leaving the domicile and would begin shortly after returning.) 

Then in February, 2012 in San Antonio TX the bleeding returned.  Note that this house also had a wifi router and satellite tv with multiple cell phones. 

I've felt my health had degenerated from 2011 onwards. No longer did I feel youthful or in fairly good health (which had become somewhat more tricky after having anaphylaxis from Bactrim in December 2009 which induced allergic reactions to various foods and latex that are now permanent, thus I could no longer take herbs, vitamins nor eat certain foods that provided such benefits)  but genuinely sickly and tired frequently.

In 2012  I developed  have a pulling sensation in my liver and have had chronic liver disease for years but never felt that sensation. This sensation occurs very specific to location as in only certain states or areas of  states. Its very frequent in Boston/Cambridge area and Austin, TX and other areas of the USA during travel I don't recall.

I also developed a condition which feels like a weakness in some part of the digestive system that causes pain on my right side especially when heavily fried foods were eaten.  This seems to be location specific to a point but if I eat trigger foods or amounts it will act up anywhere.

I began traveling with a companion. We  traveled north in summer 2012. In Portland, ME there were conspicuous large  structures atop a building in center of downtown that looked like multiple drums which I now recognize as microwave towers. I felt more stress in this location than coming up coast.  After 24 hours in this location and only after sitting across from this building on the second day, I began having sharp pains in my abdomen around the location of an old surgery scar- I became immobilized and couldn't walk properly or carry my backpack and had to go to the emergency room. I left the area after I was discharged from the ER.

While traveling, upon returning to San Antonio, TX  November 2012 I experienced the same internal bleeding issue again.

I then had another episode of bleeding in late December 2012 while urban camping in Hillcrest in San Diego, CA. (I did a post on the AT&T microwave towers there complete with a YouTuber measuring radiation levels from atop the neighboring Whole Foods market). In this location I developed a pain and pressure sensation up inside the anal cavity.

I was advised by physicians in San Diego to have tests done now and not wait until my colonoscopy  scheduled for May of 2013 in Boston, MA.
Polyps  have been found and one other thing that explains bleeding, samples were sent off to a lab to test for cancer.

I am still experiencing the  pain and pressure  which began  in Hillcrest though some relief was experienced right after the procedure one week ago today.

What I am trying to establish is that Targeted Individuals are being pushed into lifestyles where we live outside and must live by little means and have to keep moving frequently due to ongoing harassment, weather conditions or other circumstances  that may drive us to be in locations that expose us to radiation. 

In the case of anyone who is a human radiation experimentee or like myself who's mother was exposed to radiation in infancy  it may be that there is a plan to not only lower parts of the general population but to finish off Targeted Individuals who have perhaps been made sick over the years to begin with through the weapons and technologies being used within gang stalking campaigns.   Those of us who come from an egg from a female exposed to radiation as an infant may be even more weakened than other Targets.

I would say that the afore mentioned string of events demonstrates exactly that. 

What I do question is why many people do not seem effected by radiation as we who are sensitive are. Perhaps the sinister powers behind this scheme are out to kill off only those not strong enough to survive. 

The thing is is that as an aware TI you already know whats really going on and actually have been given the info to avoid being trapped into this predicament.

GS however serves to keep Targets brainwashed, in denial and  having our common sense jammed so we r stupid enough to go into these places we know by logic are deadly to us.


If you dont suicide this is what may happen to you. You already know whats up compared to the rest of the population use this information and find safe areas. It seems like the only way to survive.

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