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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reader Comment On Gang Stalklers Being Non Creatives-This Is Not The Case

"The way I look at it, they're just a bunch of asses trying to ruin other people's lives because they don't have one of their own. Could this many people really need to gang up on one or a few people (TI's) because their lives suck that bad? It's their need for speed. When people with actual ability play or create art, they are doing so because it brings them extreme pleasure. When assholes who lack talent and who also have no or miserable lives, they can't achieve stimulation through art; rather, they do it by destroying others can have ability. It must make them very mad that they can't play an instrument or create art. So, they join the rest of the asshole gangs in gangstalking up on those that can actually do something or enjoy their lives. Haha, I see no need in joining the others who are mad because I don't see things the way "THEY" do. I'm sorry I have talent and do not see the need to go after innocent people with talent as though they were prey. This implies that on The US Lies, The People Lie...And Ive Had Enough Publish | Delete | Spam"

 This is not true in my experience. One of my perps, a helpful one but still a perp and his son too was a professor from The Museum Of Fine Arts school in Boston who was on permanent haitus or break due to an anyeurism.

Only artists, writers and actors and the media as a whole can produce media psy ops tailored to hit certain Targets specifically.

There are plenty of creative people in on GS. Dont forget many people in the music industry who are Satanists are in on GS related to ritual abuse. I recall one extreme metal band member said in a documentary: "Look what happened- we scared who we needed to scare and now, we are world famous." Yeah, whatever.

At least the musicians in metal and the like are honest about what they do to people to get what they want, the laughable thing is that the public are too trusting and certain evil doesnt actually exist to believe whats put right in front of thier faces by those doing themselves. Its hysterical and utterly ridiculous.

 I can stand people who are scumbags but yet, are extremely talented, make music I can use or like and are honest about what they've done. What is intolerable are people in Hollywood who pretend to be part of the still mom and apple pie/military world police USA culture when its so damned corrupt. I'd rather my kid try out metal music and understand fully what they are dealing with and getting into than to have one Justin Beiber poster on thier wall. He's just as involved in sinister goings on, he just hides it from the public. As if he hasnt done creepy sh*t to get where he is today.

And to be quite honest alot of people who are the very best in thier field are alot more likely to be Satanic due to thier talents. And such people are going to be bored, highly intelligent and probably believe that something like mind control slavery is totally normal and entitled to them and thiers.

I agree that alot of the perps- the field agents seem like losers, goofy or like they are insecure, controlled- lacking. They too are servants of higher ups. Ive seen some of the people who are in on this who are higher up- they are way more overconfident bigger assh*les than the usual perp messing with Targets in public. And they are far more dangerous with a hell of alot of money.

Dont try to make yourselves feel better by claiming that the GS system does not contain alot of powerful people who believe us to be worthless and deserve to be treated this way becuz you are lying to yourself and in war that is dangerous and it weakens you. Its not true anyway.

They are simply people with Satanic or sadistic natures or they have only known a life where they were taught to treat people in this manner so they have no references for any other kind of behaviors. Thier brains are trained only to know the way they live as they do. It would take THIER being put into behavior modification programs to change the people responsible for Gang Stalking, mind control etc.

They are no weaker or better or whatever- they simply have different value systems. They do know however that many TI's are powerful which is why they put thier goofy perp goons on us in large numbers when we have to fight all by ourselves. Plus alot of this is to see if a human being can be brain damaged, depatterned and then rebuilt according to a desired design as well as it seems testing by the military to see how soldiers can be guided out in the field of battle. Many of us are guided through being Gang Stalked to the point of feeling like we no longer have any minds or Wills of our own left.

So its all part of the continued MK Ultra and related experimentation. Thier just abusing people from certain bloodlines and genetic pools. The people behind this are just assh*les who cant behave any differently. Trying to convince yourself they are somehow powerless is suicide on the battlefield.

Realize that they have all the power- the only thing you are doing as a resisting Target is dying with some dignity by rejecting slavery. Thats all. Nothing else.


James said...


im a TI in Canada. tried to post a number of times now. Are you getting this post?

Please email me at

Anonymous said...

Wow, I got perped by Eddie Money on that Geico commercial. Also, I didn't realize it, but not only did he (supposedly) play a harassment role, but also, I'm hearing "Two Tickets to Paradise" wherever I go now. So it could be a ploy by him to boost interest in his music.

Rachael O. said...

Geico: Government Employees Insurance Company.

They've been doing media psy ops or harassment of Targets for years.

What Eddie Money ad are u talking about? I dont watch TV. i am outside so much as well as have outgrown tv long ago. its just a box that is used to get human animals to sit passively and take in inforation..its not even interactive.
tv is sooo 20th century.

And advertising is also old hat.

I wouldn't pay much attention to GEICO. They, also, are yesterday's news whenn it comes to gang stalking.

I told someone once what Geico stands for and they purposely told me they didnt believe me to be assholes who stand by the harassment campaign.

so many commoners and nobodies are bonded together in western society by mobbing, bullying and the more sophisticated gang stalking.

they dont even care that its war crimes-they are just assholes who are beneath us so side with the corrupt authority to survive.

Only animals dont understand what war crimes are. And many Americans are fully aware of the con perpetrated by the US. Yet they stand by it.

There's them, then there's us. End of story. U will never change those who are loyal to the abusive authority figure who are usually also people who want to keep the best and brightest with potential down usually out of jealousy. all these types understand is the power of force or money anyway-they are a different species from us.

Forget them and their little lit up boxes that illuminate their pretty four walled prisons called houses that rot around them daily.

they dont fuckin exist.

And Geico is so scared of being shunned for being part of or connected to the US govt that they have to insult our intelligence and get our attention by marketing to us with a little cute cartoon lizard wih a funny accent or a cave man, both of which should smack of insult but yet the public never bothers to find out who they really are so thinks the marketing campaign for geico they've accepted at face value is all funny and cute.

which is the joke on them-which only we and the oppressors get anyway.

If this country wasnt completey fucked and enveloped in deception they would just come out and market themselves as govt employees insurance co.

i live candidly on my blog-geico plays games and hides.

i win, fuck geico and all the peasants who support my being kept down and destroyed.

end of story.