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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Posting While More Clear Headed Due To Being Down At Border And Out Of San Diego Proper

Gone to the Mex border for the day.

The difference is amazing. The  bad attitude towards houseless people and social conformity around SD is just horrible. As a Target specifically, the program of tech, chemical influence and subtle harassment makes it  almost impossible to get anything done-especially looking up lawyers.

I am getting my health taken care taken care of however. The hospital here actually does their job and the staff seem like they're decent.
I've had problems with lower level employees but thats the norm. I just ignore it becuz they're just peons. Im more concerned with the professionals.
The police and other professionals here actually have decency and do their jobs. There are less cops in on GS here usually.

There are alot of perps in the general population who appear to be civilians. There's also alot of weird social pressure and YUPpie attitude  in the environments and stores/restaurants. Much of it is definitely GS related though knowing how childish Cali is, alot of it may be ignorance.

The behavior modification is heavy handed here. The following program seems to be present in all of Souther California for me, only ceasing when I go above Los Angles as I did when traveling to Bakersfield recently and I posted the differences in the two geographic environments.

In San Diego proper a large part of the behavior modification program is the use of the illusion that celebrities are in psychic contact or there is a Truman Show effect, depending on location and day.
For example if I do something that is approved of by the behavior modification system it seems then the illusion that a certain celebrity is watching, in psychic contact or is, say, reading this blog and they approve of what's being produced is used to make me adhere to a reward and punishment system. To of course produce more works.
This system of illusion of course ceases when I leave SD proper and goes south as I have today.

 Ocean Beach area is just torture when it comes to tech and being beat down. Which is sad as it's a wondedful hippie type beach community with many other Travelers. I have to be very realistic however as to the large Naval base south of OB.

Hillcrest, downtown-all of SD is just saturated with harassment and tech. Each neighborhood has its own style and level of harassment. I often find myself ranting or being loud yet shamed and insecure lately.
 It makes sense its just very very sad. An American can no longer enjoy their own country.

 Once a final done we should leave the area for someplace healthier.


Mike said...

Lots a laughs, I been to Ocean Beach many years ago, and yes it was quite a modern day hippie town then too.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking that I would really not like Texas very much. Something about it doesn't sit well. There seems to be a very massive organized crime presence there that is illegal yet powerful. I think it's livable as a target if you have enough money, but it seems to me that the people there are very into GS.