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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Comment From Reader Defends Israel, Tells Of Israeli Protection From GS Activity

"You spread lies about israel, as money other do. You know very well that israel is a great country where all citizens are treated equally. The arabs of israel have complete freedom something that they can not find in any other arab country in the world. Israel has nothing to do with gang stalking and electronic harassment. This is done by the fbi and the cia. I am myself targeted individual that left california because the electronic harassment. The perpetrators followed me to israel. Israel try to protect me from their criminal activity while usa is doing nothing to protect it citizens. What you write in your articles are lies and you are very well aware of that. There isnt any electronic weapons in israel and people dont gang stalk each other. It is a country that saves muslim people that run away from sudan and that are thrown from eagipt. This nation is example of great plce with great humen rights. Stop spreading lies about israel. I am inviting everyone to visit this country on Israel and Judaism as Related To GangStalking, RA and 9-11 Remove content | Delete | Spam"

Actually I have no idea what goes on in Israel except that I seemed to be perped by a hell of alot of Jews in Brookline, Boston and surrounding areas. Especially Newton and Brookline rich Jews were heavily in on this. Some very religiously dressed Jews too the ones in Brookline that wear special clothes (not the Hassidic ones but ones I dont know what you would categorize them as).  Also, some people from Israel that ran a massage parlor were in with locals and local cops and turned out to be very nasty to me and making fun of me and such.
There were only a few Jews that seemed to do the right things and not partake in what was being done to me. I have a VERY bad impression of Jews and African Americans from Boston area becuz of how nasty both these groups were to me consistently and I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM.------- Blacks are the worst bastards in on GS but its not thier fault- they are for the most part house slaves of the American powers that be and many of them that truly rebel end up dead or running to a foreign country to survive. Just look at Professor Grif from Public Enemy- he shows signs of Gang Stalking stress surely, while that idiot crack head with the big watch around his neck in thier early vids and Dr. Dre are quite fine with Hollywood and always doing well- or in the crack head's case doing more tap dancin' for the man by being a goof on dumb reality shows.

 Jews of all people, should f*ckin' know better. I dont know what the damn problem is, if its part of 9-11, if they hate good looking naturally talented Goyim or if its part of some Jewish Ritual Abuse bs against Gentiles, specifically Catholics- and I dont give a sh*t. I know who f*cked me over in Boston and Ive got a very specific black list that one day, I am going to finish business with.

Nobody does to me what the communities of Brookline and Newton did to me, specifically not a bunch of rich-kid, spoiled rotten Jewish trust fund kids who's families are so damn tight that they dont give their 50- year old kids a dime but thier families buy them new cars whenever they cry to them, so that the govt doesnt see the kids' have any money so THIER kids can go on SSI and rip off the US government.
Just as I had a bond with Jews from the area I lived in I had a bond with African Americans, a love/hate relationship, from growing up with them partially in Boston. Due to all thats happened I have felt that Jews had turned on me, and for this I will never forgive them. As a poor white female from Boston, I felt Blacks fought for many of the same things we did, now it seems they've turned on us for the favors of the elite, especially since white women included black males in the 60's civil rights movement and they repayed this work with gangsta rap that spreads sexist bs with 'bitch' and 'ho', does nothing but SUPPORT the white male oppressors and brings down white folk world wide BECUZ THE RAP INDUSTRY AND ITS DRUG DEALING GANG COUNTERPARTS WORK FOR THE CORRUPT ROGUE GOVT THAT BRINGS IN DRUGS TO BEGIN WITH. After all that work, they just returned to being house slaves, which in part I dont blame them for becuz the system works on the psychological slavery system that they used to use in the slave days, now using poverty, police brutality and the prison system etc, but it STILL MAKES THEM, as a people, UNTRUSTWORTHY IN THE FIGHT AGAINST THE NWO AGENDA. Individuals may be fighting with us but trusting blacks based on just thier civil rights history is suicidal to activists working on these levels now.
Especially considering COINTELPRO used black agents.

 Due to my not knowing my dad's family and so many Jews being of Eastern European extraction they were also the closest thing to that I had to relate to also. The GS system has literally torn me from Jewish culture and this is in part due to the actions of many Jews themselves so- I dont trust Jews at this point.

Also there are many activists pushing for PC policies in European countries that seem to be geared towards destroying European peoples and our history. This cannot be disregarded. Perhaps some force somewhere needed me to be torn from the pacification of Judaism, as its become a tool of oppression and deception in the NWO. I dont know.

 However, to be fair I have heard that Israel tried to warn the USA before the terrorist attacks and the US agencies let it happen. Yet Ive also heard about the Dancing Israeli's who filmed the attacks then fled to Israel when they were being questioned about why exactly they were there and what the hell were they up to. Allegedly one Israeli stated "Now our problems are your problems".

 Ive been very hurt by Jews during all of this. My mother worked for a Jew named Harvey as a bartender while I was little. To me he was known as Uncle Charlie.  He helped us out and never pulled any crap on my mother or I that was disrespectful. His son has helped me out in my later years. Jews were always a part of Boston that I was comfortable with. An Israeli man named Marcus hired me at his bakery when I was a full blown heroin addict and he never feared I would rob his register or steal from him. His sons even offered me a job driving which I was afraid to do becuz I was so high all the time. Granted, Marcus treated me a bit differently when he learned that I worked as a bartender at a strip club for a few weeks, but he was only a bit more casual with me nothing else.

Once, a man came in who had been driven insane at the camps as a child. His condition was so upsetting to me that I found myself crying in the kitchen and wouldnt come out to work the counter. I was very young still. He wanted me to get back to work so he told me a joke, asking my why I thought Hitler killed himself, I asked why, he said becuz the gas company sent him the bill and he couldnt pay. Ive actually asked American Jews what they thought of this joke and they just reacted with this politically correct awfulness about it. Yet, its what I liked about Israelis to begin with- they live in the reality of what has gone on being Jewish where it seems alot of American Jews are spoiled and uptight.

 His joke, obviously, must have been told throughout Israeli culture and he was older, from the 60's era. He was trying to make me feel better was the point and so many American Jews seemed to miss out on that act of healing that is whats positive about Jews.

 So, due to my past POSITIVE experiences with Jews, I am always open to any new information you may have about anything of this nature. If you have a true story about Israel protecting you from GS activity you can publish it and I will link to it or you are welcome to send it to me and I will put it up.

I am welcome to any material that clarifies whats going on. That gets to the truth.


 Its part of inducing clinical paranoia. It also discredits and marginalizes the person.

You've to got to remember that there ARE many African Americans who deserve to be called much different than that respectful term for how vile, evil, murderous and nasty they have been in being involved in some of Gang Stalking's most viscous, destructive, brutal actions against TI's. And Jews have also been nasty and viscous to me. It may be that there are alot of these demographics who take part in GS becuz they believe it further's the agenda's of thier people or some excuse or its an opportunity to hate and destroy a poor person of European descent who they are jealous of. Thats what it seems like for many of them actually. Keep in mind there are many black TIs who complain of the high instances of black-on-black violence that is Gang Stalking in thier communities.

 So back up your claims then. Tell your story about Israel. It may help others.

 Thats my only purpose with this blog- that and trying to keep myself alive and from becoming so angry I do something to harm others.

But dont ever think that I will be influenced to change my ways or my story. Part of helping people is to provide a candid, honest, play by play (such as Targeted Survivor blog) so that people can experience a Target's mindset and how we are treated daily. If this was being paid attention to or if the system wasn't so corrupt, psychiatrists and other specialists would be using this work of mine to help PREVENT lone shooters but thats not going to happen becuz most of them already know whats really going on and work for the system. Anyone who ever wanted to really help by now has had thier lic pulled or been forced to leave the country.

 All the homeless services, social services etc are now infiltrated. The people we experienced working in these fields in the 90's who actually cared are now NOT ALLOWED TO BE PART OF THESE FIELDS. One MUST play for the system and its agenda nowadays to get such jobs.

 So please think before you accuse. I am not an unfair person but I am also not a fool. Israel and Jews are not perfect people. They have thier own faults and wrongdoings to account for like every other culture. I dont listen to Israel or Jew's whining. But I am willing to listen to a positive or negative account presented sensibly that can help other TIs


Anonymous said...

I don't understand being perped in Newton or Brookline by Jews either.
Could Gloria Naylor be right?

Anonymous said...

Please some Jewish-Americans involved in gang stalking comment and explain.

AND: Are you part of the community segment or the Organized Crime segment of the stalking.

Or is it something else?

Anonymous said...

Look up "Doreen Dotan" on youtube, she lives in the ghetto in Israel and she will tell you how badly they treat some citizens. She has done targeted individual videos as well.