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Monday, January 28, 2013

Tony Gambino Enters 'Truth' Movement-Is He Genuine Or Disinfo? Well this explains alot. At least now I can understand why celerities do media psy ops harassment as well as anything else they have to. Becuz they have to keep paying that 'percentage' to the people who started their careers. Its that simple. It also explains why my ex friend and associate caree criminal as well as my own mother kept saying things like "I have to" when it came to continuing their way of life. My mother would always say "I cant" when I told her she should become an activist or advocate if she was so damn pissed at the system. It always sounded exactly like Julia's "I have to". "I can't'. "I have to". Perhaps they would be killed. When it comes to my mother I think she was just more unwilling to fight and resist. I think she believes she knows more or is more important than she really is. Why would anyone fully aware of what they are involved in with such people underestimate them or trust them or the system they belong to? After reading the above link I questioned why is Gambino even still alive? The piece says he has nothing to gain from lying. Anyone at anytime might have something to gain from lying. Perhaps disinfo is his new purpose he serves for the system. There are inconsistencies. Then again like myself it could be his only revenge on a system thats corrupt yet poses itself as just and righteous. The full.article completing the doubts about Gambino cannot be found on the site linked on Icke's forum any longer. No surprise.

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