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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Berkeley CA Now Being Pulled Into Recent Trend Of Homeless Scapegoating (By Design Of Course) Luckily it didnt pass in Berkeley as it did in San Francisco In my experience and in keeping in touch with other Travelers around the country it seems as if every single time there are these sorts of zero tolerance measures put on the table THERE'S ALWAYS A GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO COME IN AND DESTROY ANY CREDIBILITY HOMELESS OR HOUSELESS PEOPLE HAD IN THAT SPECIFIC AREA PRIOR. I am seeing a pattern of the same covert system as gang stalking or organized stalking being used to, by design, screw up certain key locations so that the business people (who all rely on banks and ultimately the elite who started the economy screw ups to begin with) then mob together and play their sympathy card. Its also notable that the covert system that exists among us daily KNOWS EXACTLY WHO THE TARGETED INDIVIDUALS ARE WHO HAVE BEEN PURPOSELY DRIVEN INTO HOMELESSNESS. As a TI Ive noticed how proficient this system is at creating new conditions to ensure oppressed people cant function to fight back nor gain justice for themselves. They seem to be able to predict how an entire population evolves and adapts within the environment and circumstances in order to keep re-inventing a most effective prison for us. To keep us down once we have been knocked down so that we can never get up again-or be heard. Thousands if not millions of victims of injustice are kept homeless as prisoners against their Wills and often unbeknownst to them by the 'gang stalking' system as a way to quietly keep us out of the way. Mostly from exposing any infornation regarding the NWO deception or corruption at any level. The bleeding heart Libtards are good intentioned but mistaken-there are indeed many severely mentally ill 'Homeless' from dangerous to simply disruptive as well as drunks, drug addicts and just lazy people who want stuff free or housing so they play the system. Also the Right Wing nutjobs are also misled probably on purpose: not all 'Homeless people' are part of the aforementioned demographics. Theres a portion that are capable of living productively and civily along society as its known and defined. The deception lies in the public being fed disinformation in the form of not revealing certain information. -Theres no representation of the homeless population from within which if its not illegal it should be This is due in part to the following other problem. -There are so many low functioning and severely mentally ill people within the general homeless population that they disrupt and divert from other demographics within the population that are functional and could possibly serve as organizers and representatives. -CEOs and workaholics frequently go psychotic with similar conditions that many homeless people find themselves in due to sleep deprivation, overwork, stress, poor diet etc as well as hostile conditions. They are put up for little 'vacations' to rest by mental health workers who recognize this for what it truly is. Many homeless people who are potentially normal or high functioning often do not get a rest like this at all. Their conditions can deteriorate over time. -The afore mentioned condition as well as a hostile environment in some locations populated by the truly severely mentallly ill can actually brainwash those with potential and sanity into clinical mental illness over time. This process resembles the military boot camp process of brain washing or a prison camp. Some people for various reasons know they cannot go back to living 'normally' as its currently defined. Targets know this isn't even an option. Thus there's an entire demographic of 'The Homeless' that are being forced to live in appalling conditions due to oppression and conspiracy of special interests in the United States today. This is partially part of The War On The Poor as many from this demographic can give testimony showing clearly that powerful special interests over the last few decades has systematically created a society where only specific types of people and lifestyles are possible. The lack of support for demographics with potential as well as for alternative solutions and systems that would allow for that support to begin and be gotten to also contributes to tired, angry, frustrated, half insane sleep deprived people trying to survive daily. -Ending Homelessness campaigns often fail, are not alternative solutions and also seem they have some legal issue due to forcing people to live in accordance with lifestyle prescribed BY THE SAME POWER STRUCTURES THAT OPPRESS THEM (US) TO BEGIN WITH. Also any anthropologist will attest to the fact humans lived primitively throughout our evolution. Only modern western societies seem obsessed with 'ending' not having a permanent indoor structure to habitate in or discouraging the nomadic version of local homelessness known as Travelers. Note that when such a lifestyle is taken on by citizens with financial means then their human and civil rights are respected. -A major problem is that the representatives of the homeless are not Homeless people themselves. They are usually social services people who tow the line for the system that begins the cycle of oppression to begin with, though they and the homeless industry are marketed as our caretakers they in reality often serve as babysitters more akin to prison guards or those employed at mental institutions. -The other major issue is that the solutions always proposed to solving the homeless issue are usually tailored to what society and the power structure wants of the homeless citizen-never really working on their level or with their needs and goals. Whats expected of many 'Homeless' people is what society at large expects for themselves, not what is desired or expected of the homeless citizens themselves. This is also largely a result of the oppressive power structure purposely marginalizing and misrepresenting Homeless culture thus this population exists as a subculture and are often misunderstood by the general public. When theres no alternative culture to support and teach people then people are forced to survive as scavengers off of mainstream culture. Many intelligent, sensible, high functioning Homeless know the scam the system is perpetrating thus they steer clear of the services provided for them. Alternative intelligent solutions and systems to integrate 'Homeless' people into society are purposely being withheld and ignored on purpose by the power structure in the United States who seem to perpetuate a campaign of causing chaos and misunderstandings between the public and the Homeless population(s). We are modern day peasants-and its time for organization from within...and an uprising.

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