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Sunday, January 27, 2013

CVS Self Checkouts Being Used For Harassment By Store Employees

CVS in Hillcrest, MA 3rd Ave and Washington St. Older Asiatic looking woman works in mornings. She's a nasty bitch. She either hates people with backpacks or homeless people (which I doubt becuz alot  of drunk homebums go in there) or she's a pero which according to her actions seems more likely.

Ive been considering a lawsuit against CVS on behalf of all customers becuz the self check outs can cause anxiety for people as well as the employees can too easily abuse the situation tactically to harass a customer, whether they be doing so on purpose or subconsciously.

I lodged a complaint about staff in a CVSnear Ocean Beach -3950 w Point Loma where a female employee interfered with my using the self check out to the point of my being unable to use the machine. I cant follow computer prompts when you're interfering.

staff abuse the self check out by hovering ovrr customers which provides opportunity to harass anyone they please. Dor the purposes of GS or any other motivation.

It needs to be asked as to why these same employees cant be behind a register as cashiers if they can stand around hovering over customers who are supposed to be using the machines BY THEMSELVES.

After she hovered and then interfered to the point of my telling her I couldnt follow the prompts if she was doing that she and her coworker then stood by bitching about their jobs and customers using baskets for trash.

These women need to be chained behind a counter and told to do just one thing-cashier.  Becuz most human animals arent capable of handling the.amounts od power those machines give over other humans.

The check out machines basically rule you with interactive prompts and the employees rule the machines ruling over customers.

Its unequal power. If two human animals dealt with each other face to face then the power exchange would be more equalled up.

After that old Asian in CVS used the self check out as opportunity to hover and harass I now have my companion make the purchase and I maneuver behind her to wait so she no longer has the tactical power position physically. (She actually leaves the register to force us to use self check out when she sees us coming). Today there were too many customers and she had to stay behind register and manually cash people out.

I made sure I stayed in line and made that bitch wait on us like she gets paid to.

Ive seen enough sneaky interactions between her and her coworker to know that its highly probable its organized stalking and harassment.

Rhe shops in that area in fact have all engaged in harassment-the owner of Shell gas station (whos employees are very nice), CVS, the Indians who run 7-11 (who were nice to us until a Mex house slave from another store pointed ar us one day and said something to the female Indian who owns After.that.the they were not nice to us.)

The employees and owner of the laundrymat.

We also get alot of people walking by when we stay there at night. We found a new spot where its harder for them.

Also we got harassed by a property manager of the now vacant IBEW hall where homebums seem to be able to sleep but we get told we cant.stay there. He also accused me of being some rowdy drunk woman who caused trouble when i had been in a hotel room after my medical procedure so it couldnt have been me.

Hillcrest especially where we sleep has engaged in constant gs harassment yand its mostly shop keepers and employees. The people around the area generally arent jerks and are tolerant.

So be very leery in CVS and be aware that self check outs are being used for harassment.


Anonymous said...

The system is big on pushing Schizophrenia on targets. There's got to be a budget just for that allocated for targets. I see is doing a "3 part series" on some guy who is schizophrenic. I've been in this for long enough to know this article has to be a psy-op on a certain target.

I think they push the schizophrenia stories just to piss targets off, especially when the target is aware they do this to targets, especially when the target has been diligent in taking countermeasures to stay sane.

Meanwhile, the same system is pushing that 5 Hour Energy drug on the public, yet has the nerve to call victims of covert warfare schizophrenic who stay away from these poisons they foist upon the public as miracle cures for [whatever].

Anonymous said...

So the article on Schizophrenia ties people like the subject of this series to the mass shootings:

Every day, we are reminded of a mental disorder that affects our society.

Yet another mass shooting rips lives apart, and often the gunman has a history of mental illness. News reports document another athlete whose life has crumbled after repeated blows to the head.

Read more:

Interesting that the subject here is schizophrenia, and they are explicitly tying it to the mass shootings going on.

Mike said...

I remember some months ago there was a newsreport concerning the internet giving like minded delusional people a way to confirm their ideas and such, and this being a bad thing. Now if they are concerned with this, imagine how much they would be more concerned with people that would further network and make contact. The meetings you had in person with other targets must have been purposly made to be a negative experience for you to prevent any further networking with like minded people. One thing most all targets seem to agree on is that we are being limited in some way or another [contacts, abilities, achievements, social life, financially,....] I know people in my physical in person life that know what is going on, and it is empowering to have this, and to know real life people are aware, and open minded to realize what is going on. And let me tell you, this was not easy, and took many years. Power of the target is what is feared, and there is more power with many fighters than to a single fighter. The more targets together, the more harder to label, to discriminate, to dismiss. Love, happiness, justice, and peace to you, and fellow targets.