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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hate Mail: Perps Are Just Doing Their Job's!

"I imagine that this is who you are like, the blonde lady who slaps the mailcarrier who is just doing his job: on
Reader Comment On Frank Olson-One Of Many Victims Of MK Ultra Who Worked On The Project
   Anonymous on 1/29/13"

I am too smart to assault federal employees, though there's been a good number of mail delivery people in on GS mostly during Bush when yellow school bus drivers were in on it too- all the Homeland Whores. The local delivery truckers, the Fed Ex and UPS drivers, the yellow school bus drivers and a good percentage of MBTA employees locally as well as every single transportation system you can think of including Greyhound and Amtrak. All part of our country's "first line of defense" given alot of anti-terror responsiblity during Bush and post 9-11. Which of course along with First Responders, made life a living hell for many TI's. Ive heard one TI describe gang stalking during this era as "Oh, during Bush they were just out of control". Yes, they were. And its amazing that so many people in this nation dont know that was going on, thats such a system even exists or the one's who do know dont think its outright wrong to want to drive someone to suicide.

I imagine that having a TI attack one of these sacred favorites or the all powerful during Bush would give them a quick way to get rid of certain targeted persons. My grandfather was a mailman and I saw growing up what that family was hiding. Anyone in uniform is presenting a trusted authority figure to the public but that person's private life may not be so..trustworthy. These are all little games that the system plays with Targets, trying to force them into behavior modification and into regression.

Its laughable that Amtrak employees actively took part in behavior modification. The content of which is so ridiculous. All of this, if the TI could keep up and report it, would have these companies slapped with such lawsuits for harassment the TI would be a billionaire. They depend on the system keeping the person in blacklisted status.
And they 'manage' the situtation in an ongoing manner.

For instance the employee of Vons who recently harassed me- Paulette Link, SHE is still employed at the Hillcrest Von's on Washington St yet the 2nd Assistant manager who claimed to fix the problem for me has now left the company. So the only witness in any position of authority I had is now gone and only the perp is left to give her twisted side of the story- unless the former employee can be contacted. I saw Paulette yesterday actually- she looked like a scumbag 2 bit white trash criminal who had gotten away with a crime and wanted to keep it that way.
The company can try to cover its ass all it wants- cameras dont lie.

I imagine that large companies lawyers are well aware of such things going on and will attempt to defend them against these sorts of wrong doings. Which is why suing often isnt the way to go. EXPOSING what happened and making names and events public is the way to go as well as writing a complaint to corporate, which I dont know if that is effective at all.

A black MBTA employee in Cambridge- the typical arrogant, spoiled house slave the Liberal Elites have out there, once said to me and a friend that any complaint we make will be "ripped up and thrown away anyway". No one oppresses poor whites like the house slaves who are so expert at this from centuries of being oppressed themselves...which is of course why that culture has to be carefully dealt with while being a targeted dissident. Blacks always try to communicate the truth- I dont know if its them trying to save us the trouble of going up against he Man as to them, it never works anyway, or if its an insecure move to show how much power they have becuz they work for the Man.

Eithe way, they can blow it up thier asses sideways. No one should ever listen to failure and denial. Let the house slaves serve. And let the sleazy white trash like Paulette do thier dirty work...while we shine as heroic freedom fighters. Its not like they gave us any choice- for many Targets THE SYSTEM STARTED THIS with us. WE now have little choice but to fight.

I didnt even watch the video- why should I? A perp, a house slave or a denier obviously posted it.

And my even arguing back is seen as success for that commenter. Well its not. Becuz it doesnt just show the way I THINK it also shows the way the people harassing people like me think. It shows another example of harassment.

Perps often want to waste a TIs time by baiting them to attend every argument they are invited to. Which I dont- only the ones I think are beneficial to my readers. Use the system dont let them use you, becuz every day that is what they have been, are and will be doing for as long as you are alive.
"Once again, you feel like you are no longer the majority and you are living in a foreign country. You want to go to Europe. Well, what are you waiting for you little racist? Go. They probably won't like you there either. You are C-R-A-Z-Y racist getting what you deserve...crazier and crazier, lol. on Found Strange Blog Of A Possible TI/ Sandy Hook Massacre Questioned
Publish | Delete | Spam Anonymous on 1/29/13"

This one isnt even worth repsonding too...its obviously ridiculous. Another example of baiting to waste time arguing.
"You're a nut. "Mex house slave"? What is that supposed to mean? It just shows that you are racist against all Mexican people for some reason...yet you expect everyone you encounter in every little situation outside your door to kiss your butt and 'be nice' to you. Why should they? Because you're white? Lol, you're a friggin' fruitcake. Get over yourself...freaky weirdo. You're a white racist in deterioration mode. on CVS Self Checkouts Being Used For Harassment By Store Employees
Publish | Delete | Spam Anonymous on 1/29/13"

You are a perp. If you had been following along with my blog you would understand that, though I UNDERSTAND why certain demographics are FORCED into serving the system in such a capacity I am not stupid enough to deny it nor put up with it. PSY OPS AND COVERT ACTIVITY REQUIRES THAT PEOPLE CALL EM AS THEY ARE. Political correctness and other civilian pleasantries have NO PLACE in such a war zone.

A Mex house slave is just like a black house slave in the north east. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE TERM HOUSE SLAVE MEANS ITS ORIGIN IS FROM MALCOLM X. So whats about that argument now? Many great black activists and rebels have useful writings for ANY sort of activist against power. If you havent read his work or any other, its YOU who are ignorant.

So now you know what that means. Usually such people are part of gang activity. Gang members though thinking they are bad asses who oppose the system actually work for the power structure at the highest levels, so grow up and get a clue.

If you read carefully you will see that I dont accuse all Mexican people. If so then why am I specifying a certain kind of person who is Mexican or black??? I would just say "Mexicans".

To be quite honest the people who are Mexican who are genuine people or other true freedom fighters are aligned with me, my culture, my class, my way of life and my activism. I have had nothing but assistance and kindness from REAL Mexicans and African Americans. THOSE WORKING FOR THE SYSTEM WHILE STILL WANTING TO EXPLOIT THIER STATUS IN THE POLITICALLY CORRECT GAME AS 'OPPRESSED' WILL BE CALLED HOUSE SLAVES AND EXPOSED FOR THE DIRTY SPIES THEY ARE.

Its easy to get people to not say anything or be manipulated when a group that in normal, civilian society is considered oppressed works as an agent of the oppressive power structure. ITS A MAJOR MANIPULATION IN THE GANG STALKING GAME.

Besides the fact that part of the GS behavior mod campaign is to turn Targets into actual real racists like what happened to Mel Gibson.

Of all the people I can think of, I am to begin with very understanding of African Americans and their plight in America. I frickin grew up with them back in the 70's in Boston during desegragation. Due to this I refuse to go along with the further enslavement of them or ANY part of humanity via this system.

If I were truly a racist I wouldnt consistently state that immigration policy is ridiculous becuz no one is admitting that this land in south TX, AZ and Cali is actually the original land of the Mexican tribes.

I wouldnt be saying that every African American in the US deserves a free DNA test along with a nationwide project to determine where everyone comes from and finally give blacks a sense of original identity outside of thier govt and slave culture. That they should be given real restitution for all thier forgotten labor building countless structures in the USA throughout history and other owed money for works instead of being PUSHED into welfare SO THAT THE POWERS THAT BE CAN CONTINUE TO KEEP THEM SLAVES IN PSYCHOLOGICAL SLAVERY AS WELL AS FORCE THEM INTO GANGS TO DEAL THIER DRUGS AND THEN USE THEM TO FEED THE CORPORATE PRISON SYSTEM WHEN THEY GET CAUGHT FOR CRIMES.

I am not hateful of other cultures. I simply do not want to be pulled down by cultures that are held back from evolving by oppression from the powers that be and society hates me becuz I am realistic and honest about that being the case instead of buying into whats easy and simplest for everyone.

I am a Survivor of mind control programming. Why would I hate other enslaved peoples? I am experienced enough in slavery to actually understand that the powers that be will use people who are still thier slaves to take down or keep control of other enslaved or oppressed people.

In old black slave culture, house slaves- blacks who had a better life up in the Master's house on the plantation had a system of keeping down or even going out and retrieving runaway field slaves who sought freedom.

The reality is that there are more African Americans and Mexicans involved in GS than other ethnic groups. This isnt racism its a sad fact. And it has to be dealt with by Targets.
Making me out to be a racist is way to simple for anyone who's genuinely involved in activism and awareness against GS. Psy ops and covert ops has to be dealt with in a very different manner than normal life.

Thats my position as a responsible activist.

My personal opinion is that Ive experienced African Americans as being the most arrogant, drama addicted, abusive people involved in GS. I understand that is due to their history of being abused but that doesnt mean that I have to acceept thier treatment of me as a Target.

If anything, the perps invovled in GS abuse the Targets based not on what they are getting from the system for pay off but also their private little petty motives like being able to destroy someone of a different race, gender, lifestyle, age- someone who they are jealous of or threatened by. If anything most blacks I have encountered are racist. If anything the Mexicans I have encountered all think I am really stupid. Which I dont care about- becuz if you read up on Mexico's treatment of THIER OWN NATIVE POPULATION THEY ARE DESCENDED FROM you will see the powers that be have them so brainwashed to this standard of 'Mexican' as being something singular and seperate from thier ancestry that thier capacity for racism is just as destructive as any other race or culture.

Mexicans in TX are terrified to be identified or associated with Mexico. "No no no, we are AMERICAN". They cant even discuss openly thier connections to being Mexican. This is why I go to places like the barrios or the border. I want to experience people who are not afraid to be Mexican- and even alot of THEM are in on GS. But I dont care. I like Mexican culture. Especially in SoCa when I start to experience an overdose in blonde hair and blue eyes, I can go to a partially Latin culture so my Italian side doesnt feel so abandoned.

Oh NO!! I am racist towards Germanic/Nordic people now!!!! I am just sooooo terrible arent I? I am such a Hitler in the making. Watch out for me, the most reasonable, peaceful person who tries to stay fair and balanced regardless of whats done to me.

Listen people, I am bucking for sainthood and I am a f*cking hero so go screw yourselves with the bullshit. NO ONE except other people brain washed by the system will believe such things. Becuz if that were true I'd be dead by now for half the shit I write and say in public.

Ive got people in the worst ghettos seeing me and looking guilt ridden. What does that tell you? That they are slaves who have to endure a system of abuse as a way of life everday and they have to stand by such actions in order to 'man up' or be put down etc etc. Yet, I dont cry. I dont whine. I dont feel bad for myself. Becuz I am free due to fighting instead of going along. THATS the difference.


Mike said...

That is so stupid, and rediculous how they pulled the 'racist' card on you. People are so tied up on politically incorrect terms and words that people use. They don't even realize that if us targets were around in times of slavery that we would be part of the underground railroad, helping their asses escape, and the gangstalkers would be following whatever way was the norm at the time. We targets are the ones that don't accept, and stand up against mistreatment of us or anyone else, and most of us never will. They are right where the establishment wants them, all concerned with people using certain terms of speach, while they don't even know or realize who owns them.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that all these commenters sending hate mail are so focused on reading your blog. If they hate it and the content you post, then why don't they just leave your blog and you alone?

I've been focused on living the best approximation to a normal life that I can, which is often difficult for a target. I encounter so many "me too's" who want to get in on their open display of jealousy. Yet it's not always jealousy. For example, I go to interviews, and I notice the person doing the interviewing is getting in on the act. And it's unfair, because, I have to face the same usual tough interview questions as other candidates. Yet, I have an unfair advantage it would seem because I've felt since Bush that I am blacklisted. So that's more obstacles for me to overcome that the normal person does not. And of course, the constant psy-ops wears targets down to the point where they seem a little out of touch, which a normal interviewer would notice and it would disqualify the candidate. So that's one extra redundant means of blacklisting a target from employment.

And of course, them posting comments gets the target all worked up, causing the target to need extra time to heal, wasting even more time she or he doesn't have.