Arrival (2016)

Trigger warning: just stay aware and centered. Can be helpful but must avoid overall effects of this movie such as strange dreams and what seems like an opening to psychic experience but it actually resembles hypnotism on a mild level. Its a pleasant diversion at any rate. Those of you who have an affinity for language or are verbal will appreciate this movie.



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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Power And Corruption Of Public Employee Unions Hmph, you should see how bad Boston is, forget Cali. Lets not forget how much organized harassment comes from public employees generally. Alot of the harassment I get in Cali is from seemingly random civilians passing on the street, in vehicles and the worst is on the trains and buses. Store employees are pretty bad as Ive documented in posts over the years. The only public servants who Ive dealt with here that are in on GS have been uniformed police years ago. Cali keeps the GS on the surreal side probably in an attempt to further take the TI into a downward spiral mentally and to ensure they are responsive to brainwashing. Ive gotten the most trouble here in San Diego from military, uniformed police, store employees and the perps on the train system in San Diego just dont quit.The rest are usually perps who appear to be civilians in public spaces and thats very consistent. It depends on what part of CA. Most of CA seems to use people who appear random and civilian in public spaces. In Victorville it was viscous and they were around every damn corner and I got mobbed out of the shelter there. In Berkeley its mostly tech thats the problem with most harassmement as I recall coming from random UC students in passing, uniformed cops occasionally and the street people and Travelers being the worst actually. In Berkeley cops chased a black perp off once. Calis so big every city is different. In CA the main problem is how incredibly crushing the mind control and behavior modification is from technology and chemical influence. There's almost no freedom from it anywhere, well anywhere Ive been. Perhaps in the desert its better. The GS in Cali is just enough to keep a.Target weakened and brainwashed while they arw being fried by the tech.thats in use. There is a strong and.distinct military presence to the GS programs here. And a Satanic one also but thats hard to tell as Ive documented that people from churches, Christians as well as people claiming to be Satanists harass the Target so as to confuse them. Psy ops is all about destroying and breaking down people so you can gain their "hearts and minds". Its very destructive especially to a single isolated individual. I guess America will never admit that GS and mobbing are what made this country so rich and powerful. Whats been proven in my lifetime is simply that humans are for the most part, generally stuck at a level of.evolution thats akin to just animals and the system in place ensures they stay that way. Just animals when it comes down to what people will do to get for themselves or their town or nation or whatever bullshit they hand out as excuses for doing this or tolerating it. The public employees above are just doing what dumb animals would do-be greedy to survive, dominate and prosper. Psy ops is nothing more than animals playing 'god' in order to dominate most effectively.

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