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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Contractors Paying Out For Iraqi Prisoner Abuse

This may be why there's been so much negative content in the 'brainwashing' lately, if you will.

My expose creates a time line that shows that myself and many other people who are targeted experienced the same abuses, parallel to that of these prisoners in camps, within the exact same periods of time.

 The responsible parties will do anything to once again try to hide what happened on classified levels. They still want to retain the advantage of living in the 21st century and having all the technologies and other leverage that gives them power, while the general public are kept in a 20th century reality.

These people believe that if we were ignored during MK Ultra and Clinton only apologized for and acknowledged the chemical experiments and not the mind control ones (including experiments with electromagnetic fields) then it sets a precedent where we can still be ignored no matter what abuses are done to us as Targeted Individuals.

The worst part of this is being some of the only people on earth who aren't for the NWO that know whats really going on, what kinds of things truly lie behind the deceptive promises of a New World Order.

If its such a damn great idea, then why does much of the war crimes and human experimentation going on have to be hidden from the public at any cost? 

It will be a damn, total shame if TI's cant get any restitution for ourselves on this one.

 But how can you sue for something that officially does not exist?

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